Pi (π) Day

It's March 14th (3.14) so math geeks all over the world are celebrating Pi (π) Day. Since I don't do traditional pie anymore as a gastric bypass post-op and my apple blueberry crumbs beat a slice of pie any day. I decided to celebrate Pi (π) Day with a Pi-zza for lunch.

In case you are wondering I am NOT a math geek. I cried my way through Statistics class. I got an A but literally I cried everyday. It's been several years but if you want to see me tear up just start saying words like standard deviation and binomial distribution. Sniff, Sniff.

Shelly's Red Onion Tortilla Pizza - Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Fajita Size Tortilla topped with Marinara Sauce, a slice of Provolone, Sauteed Red Onion, Mozzarella Cheese and Italian Seasonings.

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