Take a hike

I've filled up my super cool Bento box and I'm going on a hike.

If you don't hear from me by this afternoon search party my ass would ya ;)

Naaahhh, I should be golden. I'm bringing my cell phone with Global Positioning (GPS) on it and snacks this time. No repeats of past experiences needed. When I was 13 years old I was lost for 14 hours, alone in the Catskill Mountains. October. No coat, no water, and no food. Scary. But now I'll have my phone and my super cool bento box filled with goodies so no worries.

Blue Box (top left): Strawberries, Red & Green Grapes
Orange Box (top right): Turkey Roll-ups
Pink Box (bottom left): Wee Brie Cheese Wedge, Dried Fruit and Nuts
Green Box (bottom right): Baby Carrots and Pesto Yogurt Dip

Hope everyone has a great day!