Weekend Wrap-Up

I had a great weekend but I'm so wiped.

Saturday I got up early and went to the Farmer's Market as usual but I just ran around quick and hit my favorite stalls getting the necessities (my Mum's Austrian Fruit Bread she's been without it for 2 weeks with my birthday and last week the stall wasn't there), some corn (got to get it while it's still summer), onions and garlic, pluots (I'm loving these), cherries (need my ice cream supplies) and some apples (I'm jonesing for a sliced Apple and Almond Butter.) We unloaded at home and took off to the beach.

I had read about an Italian Festa that was being held and I wanted to hit a bike shop in the area.

The Italian Festa was ummm cute... remember I'm a NY girl so Festas are big dealios. This was a handful of Italian themed booths but hey I smelled some yummy Italian food smells and almost got into a fist fight with some guy... perfect.

Like how I slipped that one in.

This complete ass insulted my culture and had he not just walked away with his tail between his legs and come back with another comment I would have had to have given him a colonoscopy with my foot.

The story: We both walked up to a booth selling t-shirts and license plate surrounds, "He picks up one that says, "You can bet your culo I'm Italian" and says to me, "Do you know what culo is?" and I said it's "your butt" and he said, "Figures the Italians would come up with that. Is that the best they could do?" and shook his head in disgust. To which I said, "Yeah I think I'll buy one since I AM ITALIAN and might I add you might not want to insult Italians at an Italian Festa or you might end up with cement shoes." He looked shocked and walked away. Goober.


We walked around for awhile and then went to the Carlsbad Outlets. It's one of my favorite places to shop (Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, yeah this is the one with the Coach outlet... I was good though no purses were purchased I'm saving $ for my bike) I was so hurting for clothes... literally I was working off 2 pairs of jeans that fit and 2 shirts (that are slightly too big) OK don't get me wrong I love that I am smaller but seriously those that are pre-op reading start saving some dough aside now for all the clothes you will have to buy that you will barely be in before they swim on you. I have been super careful too but you know it gets to a point where they are clown like big. I bought myself 5 shirts, 1 sweater I know it's not sweater weather but I couldn't pass it up (it was green my favorite color) and 1 pair of dress pants. We stayed at the outlets for awhile. They have the BEST Starbuck's for people watching.

Then it was off to the beach. We found killer parking, left the car and walked for miles. We stopped to visit the squirrels that hang out on the rocks and "accidentally" dropped soy nuts...

Here's one of my furry friends eating some of the soy nuts...

We walked into town and went into a few stores... figured I'd give props to my other nationality and stopped at the British Import Store. I bought my Mum some Melon and Ginger Jam which she was super excited to find (her Gram made it when she was little.) I also found a little Natural Foods/Vitamin Shop I didn't know existed and scored a few samples of a new protein powder. I'll let you know what it scores on the monkey's ass meter.

Final stop for the day before heading home was a great bike store. I asked a ton of questions and learned a lot from a super cute guy (too young for me darn it.) I have it narrowed down. Wanna see the strongest contender? an Electra Townie 8 speed

It was an awesome day at the beach.

Today I'm making my Chicken Carbonara Casserole and another batch of Protein Ice Cream (a new flavor from my to-make list) but for the most part avoiding housework and listening to music. I'm going for a walk around the lake later.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Highlights of the day:

* Being able to walk and walk for miles and never once think of sitting down.

* Standing in the fitting room in Anne Klein looking at myself in the mirror in a XSP (extra small petite) dress. Yeah the smallest size in the store... from the largest size (28 and pushing it) in Lane Bryant 2 years ago. Surreal. Thank you God and Dr. A.

* I got some color and it's brown and pretty versus the lobster red shade I normally get. I guess I'm seasoned :)

Listening to: "Hook" Blues Traveler (the lead singer is a fellow Gastric Bypass Surgery post-op woot)