Leftover Lunch Bento

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Mine's been pretty low key. Hit the Farmer's Market as usual. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines, pluots, onions, garlic, cauliflower. It was summer squash heaven. I bought a bunch of different varieties of those. Thinking maybe Calabacitas or a foil packet dinner on the BBQ this week. The berries are destined for batches of my Fluff Stuff.

People watched at coffee for awhile. Dropped off my market haul at the house. Filled my super cool bento box up with leftovers and walked to the park. Soaked up some sunshine, read a magazine, ate my yummy lunch then head home to do some gardening. Looks like today will be the last cooler day for awhile. We are finally going to heat up here in Southern California. Darn it. I figured I'd better get the weeding done I've been putting off before it's too hot to move. Wish someone could explain to me how my lawn is dead and dry looking despite watering and fertilizing it but the weeds will grow knee high.

Pink Box (top left): Grilled Zucchini
Green Box (top right): Sugar Free Lemon Pudding topped with Blueberry Sauce
Blue Box (bottom left): Lemon Pepper Chicken
Orange Box (bottom right): Nuts and (in the little blue container) Shelly's Greek Yogurt Sauce for dipping chicken

Shelly's Blueberry Sauce

1 cup Blueberries
2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Torani (I used SF Vanilla)

Wash blueberries and place in a glass microwave safe bowl. Add syrup. Microwave for 3 minutes. Using a fork smoosh any remaining whole berries. Can also be done on the stove-top. Sometimes I add sliced almonds and if the berries are too liquidy I thicken things up like this. Great on top of pudding, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, protein ice cream, ricotta or cottage cheese.

I showed you guys my 6 foot tall tomatoes before but I haven't showed you my grapes. It's a good year. Hopefully the birds won't spot them before they ripen. I'm feeding them seed on the other side of the yard in hopes of keeping them occupied and away from the grapes and tomatoes. Of course all that darn seed they toss all over is contributing to my flippin' weed situation.


John's Weight Loss Blog said...

I really should have bought a bento box when I was in Japan earlier this year - they are great for portion control which is something I am sorely lacking. The laptop lunch selection on Amazon looks pretty good although I think I'll be staying away from the floral prints. :-)

battynurse said...

Wow. Those grapes are amazing. How do you get stuff so big? Up here in Central California it's been way to hot for a couple of weeks now. I hate going outside. My cucumber plants are huge but I have hardly no cucumbers on them which is a bummer. I guess not enough bees.

Anonymous said...

That's a lotta grapes! Most excellent, Shelly.


Anonymous said...

Dang, girl! The bento box lunches look AWESOME! I wish I could hire you to be my personal chef. lol

Heidi Pukaluk said...

I am six weeks post op and so far loving it! I ran across your blog and I am seriously in love with it. Such a great resource in an area that is missing many. I noticed for your snack you said you had "oodles of coffee." Curious about this. Caffeine-free? I was a coffee drinker before surgery and am having a difficult time with the idea of saying goodbye. You may have addressed this issue already so if you have I apologize. Stumbled onto your blog at work and haven't had time to read the whole thing yet, though I can't wait! I wish I could hug you for the world you are opening up for me!!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

@batty It's been a great year in the garden. Tomatoes are unreal too. Good dirt (I use Miracle Grow Potting Soil)

@John LOL Yeah I think I'd go with the plain blue one if I were you.

@RP Thank you. Darned if I know what I'm gonna do with them.

@Diva If you come down this way you are always welcome to come for lunch.

@Heidi Thank you. I do fully caffeinated (espresso too) My surgeon had me have no coffee for 1 month then gave me the all clear. I actually think it helps me not to snack (and issue for more 1 year out +) and you know most diet pills contain caffeine. It speeds me up. In the beginning I think they are worried about ulcers which I can definitely agree with and caffeine is a natural diuretic and since its soooo easy for newly postop to get dehydrated its better you concentrate on water but I MUST HAVE MY COFFEE ;)

Anonymous said...

I was curious to know if it was okay to make a large portion of your Greek Yogurt sauce and store it in a squeeze bottle for family use. Will it keep or is it best to make it fresh? I love your recipes!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

On the Greek yogurt dips/sauces on the blog: make it fresh... I'll do it a few hours in advance often to save time but not more than that.

Anonymous said...

I have one truly stupid question, and I'm very sorry. Am I missing portion sizes on the recipes you post? I don't think I've seen one.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Portion size and nutritional value answered here:


Doro said...

This is so helpful! I'm 2 months out of WLS and I can't readjust my mind to cook correctly. I draw a blank when thinking about lunches-I'm going back to work the 22nd and will need some help!

Thank you!

leendadll said...

Belated thanks for the Bento box link. I bought it, and an extra set of containers, in prep for my upcoming lap band surgery.

I start my pre-surgery diet in 15 days and I'm FREAKING OUT.