Go Go Manchego

A few weeks ago I shared my love of Burrata Cheese. I thought I would share another cheese I love maybe just as much: Manchego (man-chey-go)

Manchego is a Spanish cheese and is named for the region of La Mancha, land of Don Quixote, a book some of you may have been forced to read (aka read the Cliff Notes) in high school. It's made from sheep's milk. Don't be scared... I know I just lost a few of you. It really is fabulous. Trust me on this. You will love it. It has a distinctive taste but think mild Parmesan-ish but less salty. Ask for a sample if you can. You will be hooked. It's the perfect table cheese. Store wrapped in wax paper in the fridge for up to six months.

You'll find wedges or wheels in good cheese shops, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, I just scored a huge wedge at Costco during their last Cheese Road Show. It has a distinctive brown zig-zag rind that proves the cheese is the real deal Manchego. You don't eat it, though it won't kill ya if you did, it cuts off easily. It the semi-firm white to pale yellow (color depends on age) mild, nutty, flaky cheese inside yumminess you want.

A little Manchego, thin slices of ham, Manzanilla olives and a couple of almonds and I am in heaven. If you want to be muy auténtico make it Serrano ham and Marcona almonds. The perfect no-cook, sit outside on the patio, enjoy the moonlight, wish on stars, summer dinner.

For dessert we had some sliced apples and the first of the grapes from my garden. They aren't very big but the birds were starting to eye them so we gobbled them up before they could.