I was planning on staying in Mexico till Monday but the pain is not nearly as bad as last round - Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift & Augmentation and Brachioplasty all at once. I need to overnight it in a month for stitch removal and check-up so I figured I'd save a few bucks (2 days hotel = a little over $175 even with the medical rate my Dr. scores us.) I'm purple and swollen (I'm a big time sweller) but I can be purple and swollen at home too.

I crossed the border at 5 AM this morning (to avoid lines like these), caught the 7:05 train and was buying strawberries at my Farmer's Market by 8:45 AM. Sure beats my last post plastics trip.

I can't be without my fresh fruit and supermarket fruit just doesn't cut it ;) I hit my three favorite stalls bought some of those awesome strawberries, blueberries, red and yellow onions, leeks, and some baked goods for my Mum and then stopped off at the store to pick up a few essentials. My final stop was Starbuck's for a Soy Latte to wash down my happy pill which by then I was sooooo needing.

I'm hurting right now but yeah not anywhere like last round so I'm going to be thankful and suck it up. Thank you again to everyone for the good thoughts and prayers. I felt them and appreciate it more than I can say.

If you are considering plastic surgery out of the country or are interested in CosMed Clinic (where I go) feel free to shoot me an email or comment. I'd be happy to answer any questions I can.


lysb said...

So glad you are home safe, and got your fresh fruit and starbucks fix! Rest up!

Anonymous said...

I go for my first consult on April 8 for plastics. Won't have it for awhile but have to jump through some hoops for insurance. I sure wish I could go to Mexico like you do, but its too far from Michigan!!!
My prayers were answered in that you are safe and home. Thank God!!! Take care Michelle!!!
tara from MI

Emily said...

I'm happy that the second plastic surgery trip went MUUUUUUUUCH better.

I'm hoping to do PS in Mexico (waaay down the road), it's good to hear you had good experiences with your staff and surgeries even if the recovery wasn't so hot.

Congrats again on the surgery, and Happy Easter.

Michelle said...

lysb: So I didn't mention this in the blog I don't think but the Tijuana Starbucks was right across the street from my hotel and it was the biggest and nicest Starbuck's I've ever been in. They had soy too.

Tara: Can't wait to hear how the consult goes. Ask to see pics.

Emily: Recovery is actually going really well. Knock on wood. Everything is relative... last time took 7 weeks (LBL, BL/BA, and arm lift all at once) so I really can't complain at all this time.

Thanks for the good wishes everyone!

Kathryn H said...

Hi Michelle,
I am so glad the surgery went well. I read your blog so often and get so much great advice, recipes and info. It's such a treat to read! Thanks and happy recovery!