Monday, March 3, 2008


Sugar Free Peeps
Serving Size: 3 Chicks
Calories: 60

They are almost too cute to eat!

Mmmmm. These taste better than I remember.

How do you like your peeps?

* Fresh and squishy out of the package
* Stale, aged also known as "peep jerky"
* Frozen "the peepsicle"
* Floating in cocoa


Inky said...

oh my god. sugar free peeps. i have died and gone to RNY surgery heaven.

thanks for the heads up, there will be peeps in my future!!

SignGurl said...

Food porn is right! Yummy!

Pam said...

Peep Jerky for me, please. I'm doing my best to avoid the Easter Candy isle this year. It's tough. But I keep thinking about Peeps and Cadbury Mini Eggs.... oh man!

Melting Mama said...


BTC said...

Okay, here comes my usual question for you: Where did you find them?


Michelle said...

LOL. Glad I could help. Easter isn't Easter without at least 1 peep.

I bought them at a local drugstore chain Long's 99 cents/pack.

Darla said...

Peep Jerky? Man, what took me so long to find you? You're a riot!

Personally, I used to love nuked peeps. Put one on a plate in the micro and hit about 12 seconds? lol... not so much for the taste, they're just fun to watch! Might have to try that with Splenda peeps...?

Shell said...

Fresh and Squishy is the only way. =)

Ammie said...

Peeps...YUK! I'm more of a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg kind of girl myself. Or a See's Bordeaux gal. I'm trying to hold strong and quite honestly, still trying to recover from Girl Scout Cookie season. Damn those Girl Scouts! : )

BTC said...

Figures you would find them at a store we don't have back east. You can bet I'll be looking for them here.


Through Thick and Thin said...

I found these today at CVS - been looking all over for them. Not as yummy as the sugar-full but still yummy. Peep Jerky for me please. I hope these crunch up just as good as the sugary ones do!

Anonymous said...

Puffed up in the microwave is the best way. Love your blog!

Melting Mama said...

You don't want to know, but I think you already do. :x I had to do it.

OliveOilTan said...

Frozen? that is something I will have to try. Hope I can find them.