Now with more perk...

Hey everyone,

I'm checking in from South of the Border. I had my breast lift revision yesterday morning. I was told back in October I was going to need two surgeries on my breasts but I was hoping my Dr. was wrong.. he wasn't (he's never wrong) I needed a little more skin removed, redraping and tightening. Our post-op boobs (damaged skin, lots of stretch marks, etc.) sometimes takes a little more effort then those girls that just get implants placed in nice elastic-y skin.

So far so good... a blood spot appeared last night that seems dry this morning and the happy pills seem to be keeping pain to a minimum.

Thank you so much for the surgery page comments over at OH, emails and PM's but especially for keeping me company the night before surgery. I was "alone" here but I NEVER FELT ALONE thanks to my OH pals. Also big thank you to my surgery angel and pal Sarah and my Hoke.

My friend William arrived last night so we hung out (he went on a Starbuck's run for me I was happy to find Starbucks down here has soy milk and SF syrup) and had a nice dinner... his surgery is this morning and he'll be back tomorrow. He's a wls post-op too. If you can say a little prayer for him I'd appreciate it.

Hope everyone has a great day... the news is showing the scary storms in the midwest and east. I hope all are safe.

Ohhhh yeahhhhhh that happy pill is kicking in so I'll check in again soon...