The Frozen Sugar Free Peepsicle. Yummy.

I'm still waiting on my final Peep to adequately age to Peep Jerky status. I'll let you know how it goes.

I might have to buy another pack. Thanks to the many Eggface reader reminders I had totally forgotten about the "Gargantuan Nuclear Peep" that is created when a peep is microwaved. I must test that with the Sugar Free Version.


BTC said...

You're a hoot! I bought a pack, but because I'm on a liquid diet, to be followed by a soft solid diet, it will be awhile before I can have any. But once I'm able, you bet I'll try all the variations.

Can't wait!

Melting Mama said...

I have a case, sitting in the checkout cart...waiting. LOL.

Anonymous said...

While I may not be a fan of the Peeps, I think you should adopt me so I can eat like a queen!

Helen's Journey said...


I LOVE Peeps. Where did you find the sugar free ones? BTW, way to go on size 8! You are rockin!

Library Girl (Helen)

Michelle said...

LOL at the fellow peep fans!

I found them at Longs Drugs and CVS.

Chakragirl said...

Hey Michelle, for any readers I also found them at Walgreens drugstore hee in the MI area! Had my first one today and it was peep-o-licious!!!

Thanks so much for finding these and sharing!!