Single Digits Baby

I went to Stein Mart and TJ Maxx and treated myself to a few pairs of new jeans the other day

In get this...


Oh yeah single digits baby

From tight 28 to 8 in 19 months. I'd say dreams really do come true but it would be a lie because this is waaaaay BEYOND my dreams. I am blessed. I'm also vertically challenged and need to shorten everything before I can wear them. I'll post a pic soon.

*Edited* to add a pic of me in my new Size 8 jeans...

Currently laughing because I notice I pose the same in all pics like this.


BTC said...

You go girl! Size 8 is great! I was there once, from my 1 year anniversary through my 2 year anniversary, but then...

Oh well, I'm working towards getting back there again.


jeri said...

Congrats, I know that you are so happy....enjoy reading your blog & want to try some of your recipes.

lysb said...

Awesome JOB, an 8 WOW! I found you months ago off of OH, i love our blog. congrats again!

anewbecboo said...

WOO HOO ~ YIPPEEEEE!!!!!! I'm so happy for you honey!!! How very exciting, you have done sooooo GREAT!! I'm so proud of you and thanks for being such a great inspiration for me!!
I'm just hoping at this point to be able to wear a pair of zip/button pants instead of pull-ons, but doesn't seem likely at this point, we'll see!!!
Congrats, you go girl!!! hugs and love, Becky

Anonymous said...

Did you not dream of being the size you are now?

I look at others, and say to myself...this could be you in 2009!

I love the blog. I am still new having had my surgery in Jan. I will be using your recipes. I love the mini bites using the littlest muffin tins. Now why did I think I had to toss those along with everything else.

My husband is in the hospital having stents put into his heart. One on the right side last night, and tomorrow a third one on the left side.

Yes, I will use your weight loss surgery recipes to help him lose weight. He needs to lose over 50 pounds. I had seen him wolfing down my portion of the pork chops in Jan when I defrosted the two that had been in the freezer. I had seen the casserole that I made to be eaten over the week go too soon. I began saying to him...hey you are eating my portion!

So, he told the ER nurse that the pain he had was started in mid-Jan. It makes me wonder if he conciously wanted to keep me from stressing if he told me. Or, if he thought that I would need him home rather than in the hospital. Why is the big question!

See, I went back to work, and saw him in pain just dragging some empty postal buckets across the floor. I now witnessed it. I called over to him, are we going to get this checked out today?

Here I am going off on a tangent. I am happy that he is doing better. After 35 years, I know that it is hard to get through to him to lose weight. He has gained so much; his health issues keep cropping up.

When I met him his waist was 28 inches.

Linda (AwesomeForever on OH.)

Michelle said...

Thank you guys for sharing in my celebration!

Michelle said...

Hey Linda, Prayers being sent your husband has a speedy recovery. You know we are hard headed us humans and sometimes it takes a wake-up call (health scare, someone close being ill, etc.) to get us moving in the right direction. Hopefully your DH will make some healthy changes. He sounds like he has a great support in you.

Oh to answer your Q... nope NEVER dreamed I would be this size. I remember saying 16 would be awesome. LOL. I just couldn't imagine this.

Thanks again,

Nancy said...

Hurray for you!!! I think I was a size 8 in second grade. I'm waiting for a surgery date right now and the thought of being out of the 20's is a dream, let along in a single digit. You are an inspiration!


Trisha said...

You look fantastic!

Maggie B said...

Your boobs look fabulous! You have turned into such a cutie! You should write a cookbook with all these fabulous recipes. Think about it! Have a great day. Maggie

momma2fi said...

Woooo Hoooooo!! I started following your posts again after a hiatus from the blog-o-sphere. I'm so glad to see that you are doing well - keeping it all off - and going beyond expectations!!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! YOU SHOULD BE SO PROUD OF YOURSELF!!