Cool Eats - Foods to eat in yet another heat wave

So once again we are dealing with triple digit temperatures this weekend. "But it's a dry heat." Yeah, yeah. It's dry but once you are over 100... it's just HOT. I have been doing the usual avoiding turning on the oven, cooking everything I need for the day early in the AM (it was almost 80°F at 8 AM) or grilling outside (foil fish packets) so nothing heats up the house more than it already is. I also have a few no cook or minimal cook favorites I make in this kind of weather. I know the rest of the United States is starting it's change into Fall (very jealous) so you guys hit the search button above and type in casserole or soup but for pals in the west these cold eats are for you and me...

Cucumber Crackers and Dip - Since I don't do chips post weight loss surgery. Not because I can't physically but just because chips are a pretty high calorie, low nutrition scooper that can add up quickly so I choose not to. Cucumbers are my scoopers of choice, not only are they crisp and cool and full of water but they are a great source of Vitamin K (BPD/DSers should probably crunch on cucumbers from time to time.) I use them to scoop up Greek yogurt based dips like my High Protein Feta Dip or my High Protein Avocado Dip

or I turn them into little vessels for my Greek Hummus Rounds or Bacon Egg Salad or turn them into little "sandwiches."

Strawberry Cannoli - Cold, juicy strawberries stuffed with sweetened, protein packed, ricotta filling. Strawberries are also about 92% water so help replenish all the water I am sweating out.

Bean Salads - Toss a bunch of veggies together, add some protein, a tiny bit of dressing and set them in the fridge. Bean Salads only get better and better with a day of all the ingredients loving on each other and it's a protein packed, no cook meal. I make a few that vegetarian (beans, legumes are a great source of protein in and of themselves) but I often add protein like a can of tuna or my latest easy, cheap, lazy summer trick is getting a couple of grilled chicken breasts from the supermarket deli (locals: I get mine at Albertsons) I toss them in the fridge to get cold and remove the meat from the bone and diced it up. 2 gave me enough chicken for my Garbanzo and Green Bean Salad and a little left to make a couple of individual Greek Salads.

Protein Ice Cream and Protein Shakes - The most obvious go-to with it's oodles of icy cold protein. I have been super thankful for Chike Nutrition's High Protein Iced Coffee and I'm loving Labrada's Lean Body Protein (BTW it's got no artificial sweeteners for those looking for that) this week especially. Today with predicted high of 104 I get to try a sample I scored of Celebrate Vitamins' new Cinnamon Roll Protein.

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Frozen Protein Wafer Bars - I prefer to use the wafer type bars like Power Crunch for this (pictured: Peanut Butter Creme and Triple Chocolate) they have a Chocolate Mint and Wild Berry flavor that are to die for frozen. So good.

Greek Yogurt Parfaits and Cottage Cheese Doubles - Greek Yogurt Parfaits or Cottage Cheese Doubles. I wait till I see a sale (priced between $1 and $1.50, Walmart, Ralphs/Kroger, Albertsons, Vons) and then I grab a stack (or 2.)

Shrimp Cocktail or California Roll Salad - Precooked shrimp or real or imitation crab and you have a great cool lunch or dinner. My California Roll Salad is one of my favorite post weight loss surgery summer meals.

Cold Cut Roll-ups and Antipasto Skewers - A visit to the deli and you have all the makings for this. If your supermarket has a salad bar even better you can get just a few of something.

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Hope a few of these help you stay cool this weekend! Remember to check on elderly neighbors maybe bring them a bowl of protein ice cream and go have a chat... amazing wisdom and stories they have to share.

As I hit post on this it's 102°F and rising. Uggh.