Appetizer Idea: Holiday Shrimp Cocktail on Ice

I was sitting in a waiting room flipping through a Rachael Ray magazine and I saw this idea and just had to try it. I love this. I always worry about shrimp sitting out on a buffet and this was a perfect solution to keep it icy cold and well it's so darn cute.

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You need:

A Tart Pan or I used one of those Giant Cookie Pans
Lemon Slices
Little Snow People, Skater Figurines
Cooked Shrimp
Cocktail Sauce in a small glass bowl

Fill whatever pan you are using about half full of water. Add a few lemon slices. I was going to use my tart pan but it has a removable bottom. Umm yeah great for getting tarts out easily but that wouldn't work so well with water. The giant cookie pan worked out great and hasn't been getting much play since I had weight loss surgery. I actually think it works better than a tart pan because as the ice melts it's slightly deeper and won't overflow for a long time.

Place flat in freezer. Freeze until firm, it was frozen in about 4 hours. Arrange cooked shrimp and a small bowl of cocktail sauce.

Add a few winter figurines to complete the skating rink look. On a buffet, I would surround the pan with twigs of rosemary. This serving idea would lend itself to any seafood, clams, crab, mussels. Perfect for us weight loss surgery peeps to bring to a party (well a party not too far away, work maybe) so we are sure of something protein-packed we can eat.

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Healthy Tip: Don't neglect yourself in the holiday rush. Drink your H20. Use the ends of the lemon you use for this project to flavor a bottle or two of water.