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1. New Product Alert: I am a cheese-o-holic. I love it but it's easy to get carried away and those fat grams and calories can add up. Alouette Cheese is making portion controlled squares.

We know from those portion control guides that 1 ounce of cheese is about the size of your thumb but I don't know about you I could easily eat a couple of fingers and a toe or 2 ;) these help me keep my cheese addiction under control.

Each square is 40 calories per portion. Great for smearing on celery, cucumbers, carrots. I made Ham and Cheese Roll-ups with an Italian Herb one yesterday. They come in Italian Herbs and Original.

2. Honored to have made the Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps list. Thank you Mamavation and Diets in Review. I'm @Eggface on twitter. Come be my pal. I love twitter. I have a short attention span and self diagnosed ADD so twitter is designed for people like me. Click on the link below to check out the other 49 health, fitness, weight loss tweeters that made the list.


3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

10 Techniques for Making Cities More Walkable
Five Follow-up Visits Help Gastric Bypass Patients Achieve Optimal Weight Loss
Bariatric Surgery and Acetaminophen Risk
Lack of Training, Bias Keep Doctors From Helping Obese Patients

and this MUST READ: Powerful letter by Dawn Brooks about her friend Sandy. Sandy passed away because of weight bias, stigma and the lack of appropriate medical care. She lost her life because of the shame and embarrassment those impacted by obesity often sadly face when seeking medical care. Tragic, wrong and something that MUST END. RIP Sandy.

4. Oh and another New Product Alert: Atkins (the low carb high protein diet program) announced the launch of Atkins™ Frozen Meals. I spotted them at Walmart last night and picked up a couple to try.

I'll let you know the verdict. It might be a convenient option for WLSers on days they don't want to cook or the family is off somewhere and you are home alone type of thing. Most regular packaged dinners are full of carby potatoes, rice, pasta these are just meat and veggies basically. They also have a few breakfast options too. Here's the line-up:

Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo
Roast Turkey Tenders with Herb Pan Gravy
Beef Merlot
Crustless Chicken Pot Pie
Meatloaf with Portobello Mushroom Gravy (bought it)
Italian Sausage Primavera
Chile con Carne
Farmhouse-Style Sausage Scramble (bought it)
Tex-Mex Scramble

No added sugars or preservatives, 310-370 calories, and contain seven grams of net carbs or less. I still need to look at the sodium levels, that's where packaged foods usually blow it. If you hit their Facebook page they are giving out a $2 off 1 coupon.

5. Heads up: an AWESOME Eggface Giveaway begins on Sunday. If you are a weight loss surgery pre or post-op you will not want to miss it, so check back this weekend! It's HUGE!

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