Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Happy Egg Day!

It's National Egg Day. Seriously, it is. Google it. Seems only fitting The World According to Eggface celebrate. Insomnia + National Egg Day = These super cute Faux Fried Eggs

Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Vertical Sleeve Gastric Bypass Diabetes Low Carb No Sugar Added RecipeTo make Shelly's Faux Fried Egg you will need:

Ricotta Cheese (can also use Cottage Cheese)
Sugar Free Torani Syrup (any clear flavor)
Peach or Apricot halves

To 1/4 cup ricotta I use a little under a Tablespoon of syrup. Add a teaspoon and taste it till desired sweetness is achieved. Plop a dollop of the sweetened ricotta on a plate and place an apricot (or peach) half on top. Dust with cinnamon. Viola! Fried eggs. Makes a delicious weight loss surgery friendly, protein packed snack, dessert or breakfast. The whippersnappers would love this one too.

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