Fun at the Fair - Tiramisu Protein Smoothie

Had some fun the past few days. Most of you guys know I enter cooking contests on occasion. I entered a couple this past week. One very weight loss surgery friendly (San Diego County Fair Smoothie Contest) and one not so much (Make it with Malt-O-Meal Cereal.) Here's the results and some pictures...

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Shelly's Tiramisu Protein Smoothie

2 cups Soy Milk (you can use ANY milk)
2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Kahlua Syrup
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Cheesecake Jello Pudding Mix, dry
1 packet of Instant Coffee Granules (you know those Taster's Choice or Starbuck's Via tubes)
1/4 cup Chocolate Protein Powder
1 cup Ice
Optional topping: Whipped Cream and Sugar Free Chocolate

Add liquids to blender first, then ice, then powders. Blend on high till smooth. Serve with optional squirt of Whipped Cream and dusting of shaved Sugar Free Chocolate.

health, fitness, weight lossI've made a similar one on the blog before but the above is the version that I made for the fair-goers and that went to the judges. It won a blue ribbon. Yay!

Healthy Cooking BlogI also entered the not so weight loss surgery friendly "Make it with Malt-O-Meal Cereal" contest and scored 2nd place for my Golden Croquettes (a deep fried, cereal encrusted, savory appetizer made with Golden Puffs Cereal.) The whole deep fried part makes them not something I choose to eat but the judges (and my Mum) liked it and I'm told they are super tasty.

I also picked up this year's County Fair Cookbook which has my last year's very weight loss surgery friendly blue ribbon winning Shelly's Jazzy New Orleans Muffaletta Salad recipe in it (page 9) if you are a local be sure to grab a book when you hit the fair. Every year the fair puts out a cookbook of the award winning recipes from the contests held the year before. Yummy stuff.