Cool Product: Edamame and a Quick Lunch

Do you guys eat steamed edamame? I'm addicted to the little suckers. They are traditionally served in Japanese sushi restaurants before your meal so if you aren't a sushi (now sashimi - sushi without rice) fan you might not have come in contact with these much. They are young, immature soybeans picked before they've had a chance to harden.

I buy them frozen and microwave steam them in this gadget (with a couple of tablespoons of water in the base) for a few minutes. I sprinkle them with salt and go to town. You just sort or drag the pods across your teeth & press and the little beans pop out. They are super yummy and little nutritional powerhouses.

Nutritional stats for a 1/2 cup serving of shelled edamame (1-1/2 cups in pods):

120 calories
2.5 g. fat
11 g. protein
13 g. carbohydrate (but 9 g. fiber) so 4 net carbs

Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium

I get them in most every supermarket now. Frozen section about $1.69 for a big bag. Which sure beats the $4.50 or so for a small dish you pay at most Sushi restaurants.

You can buy them out of the pod too but what fun is that?! Well... the shelled ones are great in salads but I prefer the unshelled for snacking. I often take them on hikes & picnics in my super cool bento box...

Top left: Shelly's Protein Cookies
Top right: Steamed Edamame
Bottom left: Shelly's Quick Teriyaki Chicken
Bottom right: Ants-on-a-log (celery w/ cream cheese, raisins, & dried cranberries)

Shelly's Quick Teriyaki Chicken

8 Naked Nuggets (or cooked chicken strips)
1/2 cup Pineapple Chunks in juice
1 Tablespoon storebought Teriyaki Sauce

Heat Naked Nuggets as directed. Add pineapple and sauce. Toss to combine. Cook till warmed through. Makes enough for 2.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT week. Glee tonight. Woot.