40 Second Breakfast

In a rush? No time for a hot breakfast? Think again...

Shelly's 40 Second Egg Cups

1 Egg, beaten
dash salt
1 teaspoon Parmesan Cheese, grated
Optional: any herbs you like (Mmmm Basil or Dill)
4 slices Genoa Salami, sliced thin
4 Silicon Baking Cups

Beat egg, salt, Parmesan and any herbs together. Place salami in silicon baking cups (forming a cup in a cup) and divide egg mixture equally into each salami cup. Nuke on high 40 seconds. Makes 4.

Popped a couple and a few other breakfast goodies in my super cool Bento Box and head outside on the patio to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine...

Pink Box (top left): Aged & Smokey Cheddar Cheese
Green Box (top right): Watermelon Chunks
Blue Box (bottom left): Shelly's 40 Second Egg Cups
Orange Box (bottom right): Sliced Pineapple
Along side: Peach Green Tea Drink Stick (I swear I'd never drink water if it wasn't for these things)