Sew, a needle pulling thread

I am stitch-free (well technically he missed one so I'm almost stitch-free). I went down Tuesday (had a 2:30 appointment) and was pretty wiped out by the time it was all over that I decided to get a room at The Lucerna and hang out by the pool watching the sunset. I ordered dinner (Chicken Fajitas) and watched "Scent of a Woman" (Aroma de Mujer) on TV. Woo Ha!

Dr. Q says I'm "still really swollen" (it seems like it's all in my midsection and back now) but that I'm "looking good." He drained my elbow again. That is so strange to watch. He cleans the area and inserts a shunt/needle like thing and it's like the Trevi fountain. Clear water shoots into the air. It's flat now and hopefully it won't fill again. So far, so good. I'm one month today. What a difference a month makes! I'm starting to feel like I'm making some progress and getting back to normal (sort of). I'm still not in my bed and still wiped out after a few hours but the benefits are starting to outweigh the negatives (physical issues have resolved and I'm seeing the change in the mirror more and more each day).

As for pictures there will not be any close-ups Mr. Demille until the swelling goes down. Oh and don't hold your breath for the naked shots. My va-jay-jay is not making an Internet appearance anytime soon. I'm thankful for those of you post plastic people that are brave enough to do that but uhhh I'm not. Chalk it up to my degree in Political Science. It is possible I will run for office one day and I don't want my va-jay-jay to be on my opponent's campaign posters with the caption, "First Paris, then Britney, Now Eggface. Do you want a va-jay-jay flasher as your next (insert political office here)???"

In other news: I'm planning the Eggface family Thanksgiving menu which I will post later on this week. I'm going to hit the Farmer's Market this week for the yummy supplies. I will not be serving Cornbread Stuffing. Long term World According to Eggface readers will remember the Cornbread Stuffing Dumping Incident of 2006. I don't want a repeat.

Tonight it's an Asian Beef Stir Fry. I'll take some food porn and post the recipe tomorrow. As far as recipes and food porn expect a bunch of beef and seafood dishes for awhile. I try and steer clear of poultry for the week before Thanksgiving or at least make it as far from T-giving-ish as possible.

Highlights of the day:

* There's no place like home.

* It's Thursday - Survivor and Grey's Anatomy.

* Sushi for lunch. I have an Asian theme going on today.

Listening to: "Smooth Criminal" Michael Jackson. One of my favorite walking songs.