Yummy product alert

I was in TJ Maxx the other day shopping for clothes and in the back of the store there are all these home products, etc. I picked up this Blackberry Patch Sugar Free Syrup to try. It's Maple Praline and I thought it would give a new twist to my Best Breakfast Ever. Verdict: Yum! Nutty maple goodness. I drizzled it on Oatmeal but I bet it would be yummy on Fage Yogurt or Ricotta Cheese.

Serving Size: 2 Tablespoons
Calories: 35 g.
Carbs: 15 g.
Sugars: 0 g.
Sugar Alcohols (maltitol): 15 g.
Protein: 0 g.

The sugar alcohol maltitol is iffy with some people... gas, cramps, etc. but I've never had issues with it but I also don't eat toooo much either to test the theory.

If your local TJ Maxx doesn't carry any (they may not TJ Maxx stuff is pretty random) the company does mail order. They have a load of SF flavors Blueberry, Raspberry, Roasted Pecan... I'll be on the lookout for others.