Breakfast at Bux

Back in August I blogged a WLS Post-op Starbucks Survival Guide with tips and info to help the gastric bypass post-op make better choices.

I suggested steering clear of the dreaded bakery case and while that is still the best bet for the most part. I thought I would make mention of something I have been enjoying lately and give Starbuck's some kudos.

I've had to make a few train trips lately and conveniently there is a Starbuck's right across from the train station. One afternoon finding myself with little time to seek out alternative food before my train departed I ordered a Starbuck's Wrap.

They have two different wraps and the one I am reviewing consists of Scrambled Egg, Feta Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes and Spinach on a Whole Wheat Tortilla. I'll tell you I didn't have high hopes. It's frozen and then heated up for you. How good could it be? Well you know it was actually tasty and a pretty decent choice for us @ 240 calories and 13 g. protein. The whole wheat tortilla is crispy when it comes out of the easy bake oven the Starbuck's dude sticks it in and so it goes down well and of course you get a little protein from the egg & cheese. Viola. A WLS friendly menu item. It's $3.25 add a SF Cinnamon Dolce Soy Latte and I am a happy girl.

Good for you Starbuck's.