You're invited!

Start pity party: I'm hurting today and tired. Showering wiped me out. Showering. That's all I did and I feel like I did a day's worth of really hard work. I know in a few months I will think this is great but right now I feel like a big swollen tired sore scab.

There's no good crying about it because...

a. I did it to myself.
b. I will get puffy and snotty.
c. I know the drugs and anesthesia are talking.
d. No one wants to hear it... hell I don't want to hear it!

Recent random thoughts:

a. Why the f&ck did I think Venti Caramel Macchiatos with extra caramel and extra whipped cream and three servings of pasta would be one day worth this???

b. I just need a few more weeks and I will be feeling better. It's only been 14 days and I had a lot done. (Moment of Clarity)

c. Every fat girl in the world needs to feel this for one day and I swear they would never raise that HoHo to their lips.

d. Die Little Debbie Die!

e. It could be worse I suppose.

End pity party.

Edited to add: What's a party without guests.


Flying Sarah said...

Did I tell you that after my PS my aunt was visiting and said to me "I be you'll think twice before you take another bite" I was like ummm I have my habits changed already...then she later told my mom she felt bad about what she said...I honestly understood what she meant and let it slide. She's never been a snotty person to me.

Anonymous said...

Your new body is working overtime to heal, no wonder you feel wiped out. Take it easy and remember that every day gets better. Trite, but true. :)

chakragirl06 said...

Oh wow, now I'm crying too! LOL! You know what......It's your party & you can cry if you want to, I would cry to if happened to me. Wait, hold it, I think there is a song in there somewhere!

Oh, in say a month you're going to be so pleased with the results! Just hang in there honey! Time heals all wounds.........Oh man, I sound like my mother. Something I never wanted to do!!! LOL!

You're beautiful & it's all going to be fine. But for now, Party ON!!

Sending you a big, gentle (due to many wounds)HUG!! ~Steffanie

Catherine said...

Hi Michelle! I think you look great. Your various surgeries will make you look spectacular!!! You will feel better about yourself and you WILL believe that it was all worth it. Just have patience...

Linda said...

I love the "Die Little Debbie" comment!! I would also like for the people at Turkey Hill to croak, okay??

Feel better. You're such an inspiration. I really do appreciate your input and your yummy recipes!

PS - Center Moriches?? I'm from Coram. Now, how do I get to California from here???