Protein Shake Tips: Icky Brown Gack

For those who hate their protein shakes here's some tips:

Keep sampling different types you are bound to hit on one you can tolerate eventually. It took me 8 months but I found one I love. I would so suggest getting sample sizes that way you can try a few without spending a bunch on a big tub and finding out you hate it.

Some sites that sell sample sizes or travel packets. E-mail some of the protein companies directly and request freebies (mention you are a bariatric patient) I've scored some this way too. When you are in stores like the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC ask for samples. I found some of my favorite this way. The girl at GNC mixed me a shake in the store. Go to events like Your Weight Matters National Convention and OH they have exhibitors that give out samples.

You can try the protein I use: JE Lean Body for Her, Celebrate Protein 20, Celebrate Vitamins ENS, Chike Nutrition, Oh Yeah RTD, Premier Protein RTD, Syntrax Nectar Sweets, etc. Shake and smoothie recipes I make are in My Favorite Protein Shake Recipe page but...

I have found protein to be such an individual thing. In the beginning I would have people tell me "Try my protein it's soooo good" I would race out to the store and buy it. I'd mix up a shake and just know if so & so loved it this one will be "the one" well it wasn't the one. In fact, some of the protein supplements people said were sooooo yummy I thought tasted like a monkey's ass.

Try making your shakes with water versus milk or 1/2 milk 1/2 water or switching to lactaid milk or soy. If you are having trouble it might be a lactose/milk intolerance. I'm a soy or water girl. Milk is a ticket to rolling around on the floor with cramps and pain for me. Switching to soy made a world of difference. Test a few different options.

Get creative and add stuff to your shakes: SF Syrups, fruit, spices, sugar free pudding mix. See my favorite protein shake & smoothie recipes page for more ideas.

Get a sippy cup or one of those travel mugs with a lid so you don't have to smell it as you are drinking. The smell always got to me first. I use this and I love it or I use a shaker bottle I can run errands and take my shake along. It's great for traveling post-op too.

Disguise it. In the beginning I hid protein in sugar free pudding, SF cocoa, thinned cream of wheat, yogurt, coffee, oatmeal, soup, applesauce. Shoot whatever you can. There are unflavored protein powders but unfortunately unflavored does not mean tasteless it means without a flavor like chocolate or vanilla so it's useful for hiding in soup.

If all else fails better aim for foods high in protein. I ate chicken for breakfast in the beginning to avoid drinking some of the shakes. Be sure to get your protein in though because hair need protein and burning fat requires fuel. Your body needs protein and the quicker you get to your Dr. recommended amount the better.

These are some of my protein go-to's:

crab legs
lump crab
smoked albacore
smoked salmon
fresh salmon
turkey mignon (bacon-wrapped turkey)
turkey meatballs (Foster Farms frozen 18 g. of protein for 3 balls)
ground turkey
low sodium cold cuts
pouches of tuna, crab
Greek yogurt
peanuts & almonds
protein powder

Still on liquids? Here's some ideas.
Still on pureed? Here's some ideas.

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But ultimately... read this message that set me straight. Warning it's tough love.