D is for...

Fat Chick version

D is for Dating - As a fat girl I went on a double date with a guy I really liked. Miniature golf, air hockey, video game type place with food and drink. He suddenly gets the idea that we all should go on the bumper boats (boats in a little fake lake). My eyes quickly scan for the weight restrictions: limit 250 pounds. Tilt.

I suddenly get a headache and "need to sit this one out." He questions, "you didn't have a headache a few minutes ago?" I insist it came on suddenly. He pushes, "Come on it'll be fun" I sharply say, "No." I sit on a park bench and watch my date have fun with the other couple. I have to keep up the fake headache which spoils the night and deep down I think they must know the real reason. I would have sunk the boat.

I should note that on this date I had already just barely squeezed myself into the back seat of the car, couldn't clip the seat belt and feared the little read light on the dashboard would announce this to the group, managed to get through dinner in a booth with a table giving me the Heimlich maneuver and walked by countless groups of teenagers in fear that one would make comments.

FYI We broke up soon after.

I believe in destiny and soulmates so I know this was all in the plan but still...

Post Gastric Bypass version

D is for Dating - Who knows?!? I haven't been on one yet.

I'll leave this space reserved to add the details ;)

UPDATE: Oh I need to update this area one of these days... been on a few. Let's just say this... I'm still single and probably will be for life (happily) ;)

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