Happy World Egg Day!

The second Friday of October is World Egg Day. Hello!?! you so know I had to celebrate this. So in honor of World Egg Day we're having breakfast for dinner tonight.

Scrambled Eggs With Pesto and Ricotta

1/2 tablespoon Butter
3 large Eggs
Pinch of Kosher Salt
Freshly ground Black Pepper
1 tablespoon Parmesan cheese
1 heaping tablespoon Pesto, more to taste (I use Trader Joe's or Buitoni)
3 tablespoons Ricotta cheese, broken up into clumps.

Over medium-high heat, melt butter in a non stick skillet. Beat eggs with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. Pour eggs into pan. Using a heat-proof rubber spatula, stir eggs constantly until very loosely set and slightly runnier than you like them. Drizzle pesto on eggs. Give eggs a few more gentle stirs enough to finish cooking them and to distribute pesto in dark green streaks. Scatter ricotta on eggs and drizzle with more pesto if desired. Serve at once. Obviously this is for more than one person ;)

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And one for Halloween I am so doing...

Deviled Egg Spiders

Slice a black olive in half lengthwise which becomes the body. Then cut the other half crosswise into thin slices to form the creepy legs.

Egg Recipes Low Carb Protein Packed Recipes

Eggs are notoriously difficult for the early post-op. What is odd is so many Dr.'s have them on their food plans really early.

I was able to eat them in the beginning but only if they were covered in something wet. So I made a cheese sauce (like for homemade mac & cheese) and poured it over. The eggs slid down and I got the added protein from the milk and cheese.

I did really well with Egg Salad because of the moisture level from the mayonnaise but some people have trouble. Probably those rubbery whites so maybe at first try using just the yolks or whiz it up in this awesome gadget which I used every day in the beginning and still use several times a week. I added things like wasabi mayo, mustard, curry, and dill to change up the flavor.

Eggs are one of the world's healthiest foods.


Flying Sarah said...

Those are SCAAAARY...lol...I love the egg commercial where the prego lady is searching through the jungle then comes to a place and gets eggs to eat...and they are sunny side up...which means yokes and I believe that it's really not recommended for prego women to eat uncooked egg yokes...but you know I could be wrong...things change.

Inky said...

love the spiders!! One year I got some of those food coloring markers and made eye-ball deviled eggs. sliced olive for the pupil, and then red and blue squiggles for the eye veins on the whites. A big plate of those staring back was great fun!

Anonymous said...

I am so cheesed that nobody told me that eggs were rough in the beginning. I ate them every morning for the first week of being out of hospital and felt so sick. It was about seven months before I could look at a scrambled egg and not feel scrambled myself. However, egg salad, as you note, has been a friend from the beginning.

And I can't throw away food either. TG for my DH!
Nice to read your blog! Mine is at http://lessflabmorefab.blogspot.com