Update on me

Yeah that's about how I feel. Got back late last night from another trip South of the Border (Cosmed Clinic). I had my check-up was supposed to have my drains removed but they conveniently fell out Sunday. Well one fell out and so I had to help the other one. JP drains act on suction and with one tube hanging the other was no longer doing it's thing. It felt weird pulling it out but it didn't hurt at all.

So Dr. Q checked me out and said everything looked good and normal. I'm really swollen still and have been worried about that. I mean my thighs are HUGE. He said it's trapped water and my body will give it up when it is ready. Till then I'm staying off the scale. I don't want to get depressed. I asked him if my swelling was the worst he had every seen and he said it wasn't... some dude from NY beat me out and he thankfully shrunk to normal... eventually. I'm to sleep with my feet up and walk less for awhile. He drained some of the liquid gathering at my elbow. It was clear water. I thought it would be gross and yellow but it was like clear rain pouring out of my elbow. Bizarre. He said it might return (I think it is already) but like the water in the rest of my body would eventually go away.

I was cleared for a shower. Thank God. I'm taking one today and I have some special moisturizer to apply to my incisions after. Applying that should take me hours. There isn't a part of my body that doesn't have an incision. I don't need a Halloween costume that is for sure.

I basically feel like I've been hit by a train but everyday less passengers are on the train. The worst now is itchy scabs that my clothing keeps pulling on and making bleed. Ouch.

It's so nice to have my boobs back in place and have cleavage again. My arms look great in a shirt. They are narrow and don't swing anymore. I even see a little developed muscle. I was so worried about the arm lift and it was by far the least painful of the three procedures. The bottom half of my body is looking better each day. Once the swelling goes down I'm sure it will be great. It's strange having a lap again lemme tell ya. I have noticed a few of the health issues I had have resolved... mid back pain, trouble peeing. So that's a good thing.

I hope by Christmas I will start feeling back to normal. I'll keep you updated.

That's about it. Oh I did stay at the Hotel Lucerna when I went down this time and OMG I loved it. What a great place and literally 1 block from Cosmed. The staff was wonderful. The food was great. The Tortilla Soup was to die for! I think I would have preferred hanging out here and getting a Cosmed nurse to visit versus the recovery house I stayed in last week. I did meet some wonderful people at the house though (Hi William, Ilene, and Vickie) but if I did it again I would choose hanging out with a magazine and a smoothie on a poolside chaise at the Lucerna. It basically would work out to be the same price. If you are headed down email me and I'll give you my pros and cons of each and you can decide for yourself. Everyone is different.

Here's a list of things I found useful while in Mexico for plastic surgery:

* Lip Balm or Vaseline - my lips and mouth area were very dry and chapped I think it's the oxygen mask
* Bath robe or button up nightshirt or zipper sweatshirt - if you have your boobs or arms done this is a must you can't pull over tops for awhile.
* Very large stretchy t-shirt or tank - large enough to pull over and go under binder
* Slip on slippers or flip flops
* Hairbrush & scrunchees - you will be so thankful for these in the morning
* Loose fitting soft drawstring pants in a size larger than you went in
* Pain meds - I brought my own Vicodin. In Mexico they don't have very strong pain medicine. They don't have rehab clinics (sorry Lindsey Lohan) like we do so they limit what they make readily available. I used my Vicodin for the first week and then switched to the milder Ultram they gave me (called Sinergix in Mexico). Ultram is good stuff but wouldn't have cut it those first few days.
* Tylenol - for between pain meds
* Stool softener - I didn't have a BM for 5 days this was a blessing (TY William)
* Cough drops or hard candies - believe me you don't want to cough
* Bottled water
* Protein snacks - bars, crunchy cheese, almonds, drinks
* Hand lotion - I was seriously dry
* Wash clothes and baby wipes - you can't shower so these were wonderful and refreshing
* Plenty of $1, $5, and $10 US bills (no need to change money) every cab in TJ is $5 if you pay more you are being swindled
* Calling card that works in Mexico or add a plan to your cellphone for making calls inside Mexico. I have ATT/Cingular and it was $5 added to my bill which got me 50 cent text messages and 59 cents a minute calls. Yeah still hideously expensive but better than without the plan trust me.
* Ipod passed the time.
* Magazines

If you stay at the Hotel Lucerna:

* Powdered coffee creamer - you only get a few packets
* Tea Bags
* $1 bills for tips
* Pen knife or keep a room service knife - every evening they bring a basket of fruit (apples, banana, pears)
* Bottled water (it's $1 a bottle after the 2 room freebies) and maybe stuff to add to it crystal light or tea.