Christmas is coming...

Christmas is right around the corner... 57 Days to be exact. I'm slowly starting my shopping. Ugh. Thankfully my family agreed to only shops for the kids which helps big time. My goal this year is to get active presents that will help them burn off the Christmas cookies. I was the "fat kid" I know the pain both physically and emotionally that being an overweight child and teen causes.

Any little thing I can do to help children not suffer the same fate I will gladly do... be it making fun kid friendly foods, buying my nieces and nephews gifts that will work up a sweat or just modeling a healthy lifestyle.


CiNdYe said...

Hi Shelly, I'm going the same way with my grandkids this year. I'm buying them all roller skates (including myself) and I'll be teaching them how to skate!! Time to pass on good habits!

Fooseberry said...

I just found an activity for after Halloween that I thought was terrific.
She is paying kids $1 per pound for all candy they turn in to her on Sunday after Halloween. She is encouraging costumes and giving out light up toothbrushes and making it a super fun day. Then she is donating all the candy she collects to a group that sends care packages to the troops overseas.
That is a win/win in my book.
Activity based toys in a great idea and we try to do the same. Soccer net is high on our list this year.