The Votes Are In

The ducks in my neighborhood prefer Sugar Free Cookies over Soy Crisps.

Off to make muffins.
Sorry ducks.
I'm not sharing my muffins.

I'll post some food porn in a bit.

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Christine said...

I had an "Eggface" day yesterday...Found the Max Protein at a local GNC, made the apple cinnamon 5 minute cake and LOVED it, whipped up some Apple Spice dip with Fage, and feel like I'm "back on track". I was coming off of major abdominal surgery in January and was forced to eat lots of soft stuff=carbs. I'm desperate to return to my protein and yesterday I finally did, thanks to you and your inspiring recipes and words! So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Now I wish it was sunny and warm like it is in California...Here in Chicago--16 degrees and windy. YUCK!