Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

Working for my pal today (the caterer) and I'm not really sure how long I will be so I packed myself a yummy lunch in my super cool bento box.

Blue Box (top left): Roast Chicken
Green Box (top right): Shelly's Mini Chocolate Protein Donuts
Pink Box (bottom left): Pesto Yogurt Dipping Sauce for Chicken and Colby Jack Cheese Cubes
Orange Box (bottom right): Cutie Clementine Segments
Along Side: 5 in the shell fresh Roasted Peanuts from Jack's Nuts

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

I have some neat plans and some fun cooking experiments that should keep me busy. Hopefully there will be lots of food porn come out of it. Keep watching ;)


nicolemarie72 said...

Yippeee...My super cool bento box arrived in the mail today! I love that the boxes are just about the right size to put various items in that could actually last me through a couple of meals! You've given me some great ideas on what to fill it with. I'm going to make Salmon cole slaw today....yummy! Thanks again!

Molly said...

Shelly you are the best kind of enabler. Hugs! Sometime next week my own super cool bento box sets will arrive and till then I am practicing on my regular Tupperware and tiny Hello Kitty bentos. Woohoo! An excellent remedy for dietary boredom and keeping the eyes trained on good portion sizes. Thank you for all your awesome ideas and your generous spirit.

Anonymous said...

The chocolate protein donuts were a huge hit in our house when I made them. To find something diabetic friendly and donut shaped rocks. I am going to do the recipe with extra cinnamon, vanilla protein powder and then coat them in a combo of Z sweet and cinnamon next. Thank you so much for the recipe.