Gift ideas for the weight loss surgery post-op

Mother's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Just Because gifts. Here's a few gift ideas for the weight loss surgery post-op to help support and celebrate our healthy new lifestyle changes.

1. Clothing Store Gift Cards - One of the wonderful but expensive things that happen when you lose 100+ pounds is the need for an entirely new wardrobe. Shopping for new threads can be fun and a thrill but it can get $$$ expensive.

I went from a size 26/28 (some 30/32 blouses) to my current size 4. I needed pants, shirts, bras, underwear, pj's, jackets and every event that came up I no longer had a closet full of garments to choose from something had to be purchased. I donated most of my old threads or made stuff out of them but one pair of pants I keep around to remember.

2. Fitness Stuff - What better way to support your loved ones healthy lifestyle changes then with some cool exercise gear. I love my Nike Fitness Walkman MP3 player and you'll need an Itunes card to download a workout playlist. A Fitbit or pedometer, a bicycle, new sneakers (I lost an entire shoe size), a Blender Bottle, DVDs, a fitness magazine subscription, a snazzy new workout bag, sessions with a personal trainer, a kettlebell (tons of free kettlebell workouts online), or my most recent purchase a yoga mat.

3. Cooking Gadgets - If your post-op is a foodie like me... a good blender (Oster Beehive is my old standby favorite), a cool blender (the Oster My Blend Blender) or a really really $$$ cool blender (for making protein shakes.) Already have a blender there's always an ice cream maker (for making protein ice cream), a mini food processor, a bento box, or my very well used 12 or 24 cup mini muffin tins (for making bites and protein muffins.)

4. Experiences - Many of us affected by obesity had to say no to a lot of fun things in our lives because we knew we wouldn't fit or physically couldn't take part... hot air balloons, horseback riding, roller coasters and amusement park rides, bumper boats, gondolas, sporting events or concerts (I could never buy a concert shirt) in those tight stadium seats, trips without a seat-belt extender to cities with lots of walking.

5. Makeover/Queen for the Day - Hair, makeup and of course lots of photos. I had a makeover in NYC as a post op and it was such a great experience. I was always the one behind the camera (avoided photos like the plague) so it was great fun to get the star treatment for the day and an "after" picture taken.

Can you still take your post op for dinners out? Sure! I would just suggest to let them pick the location. It may not be the same birthday dinner joint they have been going to for years. Some menus are more easily adaptable and some are just grease laden white carb horror shows.

I hope this gives you a few ideas. You could always just ask them what they want ;)

Fellow post-ops: Feel free to add what you would most like to receive as a gift in the comment section.