Thursday, October 21, 2010

Progresso Souper You Photos

Some of you may remember the Progresso Souper You contest I won back in May. For those new to The World According to Eggface last January I entered an Internet contest sponsored by Progresso Soup on a whim and was informed April-ish that I was one of the 10 finalists. Of those 10 the 3 top vote-getters would receive and all expense paid trip to NYC for 2 - airfare, hotel, transportation, a make-over at the world famous Louis Licari Salon (the one they use in the Today Show makeovers) and a $1000 Saks Fifth Avenue shopping spree.

With A LOT of help from YOU all voting I was voted one of the top 3 winners and went on the makeover trip in May (I took my Mum.) It was such an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am so grateful for everyone that voted for me! If you missed the blog entry on all the trip details here's the link. I just received a copy of the pictures (they are using some of them for promotional purposes next year when they run the contest again) and I wanted to share a few of them with you!

Me (BEFORE) getting out of the limo in the AM. This group of tourists came up to me after I got out of the limo and the Progresso camera & video crew stopped shooting to ask me who we were. I told them we were a new all-girl band and that they would be buying our CD in a few months. Seriously, I did. LOL.

The three winners (BEFORE) note the coffee cup in my hand (of course)

Let the primping begin... (My Mum is in the mirror looking on)

The 3 of us (AFTER)...

and my favorite of my Mum and I...

Thank you again for giving me this wonderful gift.

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mystkmac said...

Gosh, Shelly...what a beautiful smile you have. You and your mum are so cute! I was soooo happy when you won! Thanx for sharing your pics! Very cool!!


Flo said...

I never noticed before, but you look an awful lot like Dr. Cuddy from House!! In other words, BEAUTIFUL! :)
Thanks for sharing...

ThatKimGirl said...

You are beaming!!! You look so beautiful, congrats, you totally deserved to win!! xo Kim

Nella said...


lindasteller said...

Wowee! You look mah-velous! What fun that must have been.

leendadll said...

It's amazing to look at your pre-surgery picture next to your post-makeover picture. You look FANTASTIC!!

Also, you're very photogenic!

battynurse said...

Those are great pictures. And wow, that shopping spree must have been fabulous.

Lovesladybugs said...

Wow Shelly, the pics are absolutely beautiful! You can see you had a such great time in those ear to ear grins! Congrats again:)

Cher said...

You are so beautiful!

materialgirl522 said...

Wow, what a great experience!! You looked great before and fabulous after.

I recently found your post as I am finally scheduled for surgery 11/30/2010. After 1 year of research and getting the courage to make this leap and 2 years of fighting with the insurance co. I have looked into the non monkey butt tasting protein powder for my presurgery diet, my local store only had strawberry, but I live in Orlando and there is a GNC on every corner just about.

I enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing!!


Linda said...

Thank you for posting some of your pictures I was so happy that you won the trip I voted everyday! I am a advid reader of your blog its like an adiction for me yu for all the woderful recipes!!!

Love to ya,

Anonymous said...

i just want you to know you look stunning and i adore your blog .. it really has helped me and continues to encourage me.. youre terrific!....melanie

Theresa said...

Beutiful !!!! Love the make over!

Tamera said...

You are so beautiful-you inspire me!

rboggs said...

Hello Shelly,
thanks for your response on dailystrength. You are a true inspiration to many people. Thank you.
I would like to enter your contest for the vitamins and I posted it on facebook.
have a real good day.
rhonda boggs

Angel said...

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Natalie said...

What a wonderful, fantastic story. You look simply gorgeous!! I love the hair, and you have lovely hair naturally too. Congratulations!