Very Cool: Clothing Swap Meet-ups

This is a really neat idea. Meet-up with locals to swap the cool clothes you no longer want or need.

Here's the link to find one (or start one) in your area.

I know I was blowing through sizes so fast I barely wore an outfit more than a month. Started at a tight 28 jeans, now 4.

Some other things to do with your clothes:
Dress for Success
National Thrift Store Directory
If you have a weekly/monthly post weight loss surgery support group through your surgeon start a swap after the meeting.

or you can get crafty and make stuff:
Coin Purse #1
Coin Purse #2
Clothespin Bag
Cupcake Bag

Be sure to snip off the buttons too. They make the greatest math counters. Kids can sort by color, size, type, amount of holes. Just be sure they are past the putting things in there mouth or up there nose stage. Older children can pick out a button from your collection and write a story about it. I spent hours and hours sorting my Mum's button box. When I was teaching I loved to bring it in to share with my class and read this book.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shel - can you fix the "Dress for Success" link - I have at least a dozen business suites I can donate to these ladies. Thanks

Michelle "Shelly" said...

How cool!!! It should be working now ;)


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

I take my clothes to a local resale shop and as my old sell I get new ones. It sure has saved me money.

Anonymous said...

I got lucky in the clothing department. My mother decided to lose weight while I did and she was a size or so below me to start. As I lost, she lost and I got to have her "undergrown" clothing. I gave my to Goodwill. Now we are both in the same size so I had to break down and buy my own clothes. I've been partaking in a large dose of "retail therapy" lately! LOL!! My closet is bursting at the seams. I hope I continue to lose slowly so I get some wear out of all of my new things.

Anonymous said...

I've bagged up my old clothes by season and take them to a consignment store that also offers plus sizes. I had about 5 bags of "summer" clothes that I took about a month ago which include a bajillion pairs of jeans. The consignment store sells each pair for about $20 and if, like me, you have over thirty pairs of jeans, that money can add up fast. As I go through sizes now, I just buy the bare essentials at Target or Cato that are trendy enough for me to resale later. The money that I'm going to make off of my old clothes is going into my "new wardrobe" fund. As soon as I hit my goal weight, I'm going to indulge my inner shopaholic. That bitch has been screaming to get out for years now!

angielopez66,angie said...

I thank God for you !! really i'm serious i've been dying trying to put this protien down my system and i'm hating it every day... and here you are with this hidden little treasure i feel i just found.thank you again i'm going to try as much of your stuff as possible.