Strawberry Shortcake Protein Popsicles

Beating the summer heat in a healthy, weight loss surgery friendly way. Here's a current favorite recipe for a delicious high protein popsicle...

Shelly's Strawberry Shortcake Protein Popsicle

How to Make Protein Popsicles

What you need:
1/2 cup Greek Yogurt (I use Plain)
1/4 cup Protein Powder (any flavor will do)
2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Torani Syrup (any flavor)
Small Dixie Cups
Aluminum Foil
Popsicle Sticks (Michael's, 99 cent store, Dollar Tree)

Mix yogurt, protein powder, and sugar free syrup together till well blended. You can add chopped fresh fruit just be sure to chop it fine.

This time I made a batch of Celebrate Vanilla Cake Batter ENS Protein Yogurt and a batch of Celebrate Strawberry ENS Protein Yogurt with added chopped fresh strawberries.

Fill the Dixie cups. I put the Strawberry Protein Yogurt in the cup first then topped it with the Vanilla Cake Batter Protein Yogurt.

Cover the top of the cup with foil. Insert a stick through the center of the foil. The purpose of the foil is to hold the stick in place while the pop is freezing and catch drips when eating :) Put Popsicles in freezer for a few hours. Remove the pops from the freezer and peel off the Dixie cup. Enjoy, yum!

These are perfect for newer post-ops, a great way to get a frosty "treat" that is packed full of protein. Leave chopped fruit out if you haven't advanced to that stage yet and when in doubt print out the recipe and share it with your medical posse for their thumbs up.

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