Eggface on TV

So I'm making my television debut next month. Well technically this will be my second TV stint. Ha. If you count the nano-seconds my Mum and I were on the Glee Season 1 Finale. If you have the DVD set check out the balcony at the 17.19 mark but don't blink you might miss me. This time you will see me, oh you will you see me, probably a bit too much.

I'm going to be appearing on The Ricki Lake Show. Yes, Ricki Lake (Hairspray, China Beach, Dancing with the Stars, Mrs. Winterbourne and my favorite a TV movie she made called Babycakes.) Her new show debuts in September. I can't go into all the details of the episode other than to say that my fellow weight loss peeps will want to tune in. I will share what I can, when I can. Oh I will say this much, I was asked to make a video diary entry for part of the show and be kind when you watch it. Let's just hope they have a great editing staff cause the raw footage I gave them would not garner an Emmy nod.

I'll give you all the details like air date and all when I know it and I will of course take some pics.

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