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1. Love these... get any soft cheese (Sugar Free Torani sweetened Ricotta Cheese, Goat Cheese, Brie, one of those Laughing Cow wedges, whatever you like. Spread cheese on an apple slice. I warm the cheese slightly under the broiler (like 2-3 minutes) then top with toasted nuts.

Shelly's Apple Bruschetta

One of these with a cold cut roll-up or a little green salad and I am a happy camper for lunch or dinner. Looking for a more dessert-y option I do this...

2. Heads up to those looking for a medical ID bracelet to let medical peeps know you have had the chitlins rearranged. Lauren's Hope makers of gorgeous medical jewelry offers Eggface readers a 10% discount. Use discount code: Eggface12 at checkout.

Obviously the info you place on your bracelet will vary but as an FYI most post gastric bypass bracelets say:

Gastric Bypass
No Blind NG Tubes
Contact Phone #'s

My bracelet also has info about my allergy to Penicillin.

3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

Panel says obese are entitled to coverage for weight-loss programs
How do you measure success in large-scale, anti-obesity campaigns?
Montana Supreme Court: Obesity may qualify as impairment
Even as Obesity Concerns Rise, Physical Education Is Sidelined

and for my fellow sufferers: Migraine Relief - 15 Natural Ways To Ease The Pain

4. From the media to healthcare to the general public, there are misconceptions regarding obesity, these misconceptions can lead to oversimplifications of the complexity of obesity, its impact and its severity. In an effort to combat misconceptions and provide the public with a better understanding, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) and Obesity Prevention, Policy & Management (Obesity PPM) have joined together to host a FREE online educational 14-part webinar series, focusing on the complexities of obesity, that will run through 2013.

Webinar #4 is next Thursday July 19th: "Obesity, Hormones & Metabolism: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but were Afraid to Ask"

If you missed webinars 1-3 they are available online

and PLAN AHEAD to JOIN ME in Dallas. Some of the speakers names have been added to the agenda and WOW! The best of the best plus... Halloween costume fun.

5. If you haven't already entered The World According to Eggface and Chike Nutrition Beat the Heat Giveaway there's still time to add your name to the hat. 3 winners announced Monday.

and Happy Friday the 13th! and if you are a paraskevidekatriaphobic (people with an irrational fear of Friday the 13th, say that 3x's fast) try these lucky dishes to counteract the day ;) Me and my black cat (well black & white) Charlie wish you good luck!

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