If you can't stand the heat...

Get out of the kitchen. It's hard to be a food blogger when it's 107°F and the last thing you want to do is cook. I stood by the kitchen window washing a few dishes and it felt like I was standing in front of a blast furnace. According to the weather people it's called "Monsoonal Flow" which is the scientific term for sticky-nasty-sit-in-front-of-the-fan-move-as-little-as-possible-feel-like-a-wet-dishrag-Satan-must-have-moved-into-the-neighborhood-heat. I've been getting as much stuff done before 10 AM because after that I'm pretty much useless. I have to stop complaining though my poor east coast family and friends are dealing with Hurricane Irene and I'll take this over that any day.

I was born and raised on Long Island so I've been through a few Hurricanes. My Pop almost bit it in Hurricane Belle in 1976 when he decided in the middle of the storm to move the car from near a tree that looked like it was going to come down, as he was pulling away it did and the tree and power line it brought down missed the car by inches.

Me and the fallen tree, Hurricane Belle 1976, I look thrilled.

I went to the Farmer's Market yesterday morning. So if the forecast is right and this gnarly weather is supposed to end today (I'll believe it when I don't feel it) I'll have lots of fun stuff to work with. I miss cooking.

There's a new seller that had every variety of mushroom you can imagine. I bought an assortment I'm going to turn into dinner tonight.

Dinner last night was BBQ'd Greek Shrimp Kabobs. I tossed everything in my super groovy bento box and took it to the lake near my house.

Blue Box (top left): Green Salad with sliced Tomatoes, toasted Pine Nuts
Green Box (top right): A hunk of Chocolate Brownie Quest Protein Bar and (in the little blue container) Shelly's Quick Pesto Vinaigrette (equal parts Pesto Sauce & Vinegar)
Pink Box (bottom left): BBQ'd Greek Shrimp Kabobs
Orange Box (bottom right): Sliced Strawberries

It was still in the 90's at 9 PM. I loathe this heat... although another reason I can't complain, I used to deal with it 150+ pounds heavier.

Sending good thoughts to those in the path of Irene. I hope she makes her way out to sea quickly. Stay safe!

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