New Orleans Obesityhelp Event

Obesityhelp is having a conference next month in New Orleans. If you are going... shoot me a comment or email and we'll make plans to meet up.

It'll be my first time in New Orleans. What do I need to see and do?

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Meg said...

Hey Shelley: First, yay that you're coming to N.O.! Be sure to bring COOL clothing and sunscreen--it's the hottest part of our summer now. Believe it or not, it is possible to eat in N.O. with a low-carb lifestyle. There's plenty of seafood all year; be sure to try the boiled crawfish, and the broiled/grilled fish, shrimp, and oysters are wonderful. You should definitely plan to ride the streetcar down St. Charles from the French Quarter out past Audubon Park; you'll see great antebellum homes and beautiful gardens. There are vampire tours (smile), graveyard tours (we're all buried above ground here because the city is so low), and a Riverboat ride. You can also drive out just a little ways and take a swamp tour, where they will feed the alligators and you can see some beautiful Louisiana bayou scenery. Let me know if you need other suggestions--I live just north of N.O. and work at one of the colleges you'll be passing on the St. Charles streetcar, and I'd be more than happy to help you arrange whatever you need. I'm definitely going to try to look you up while you're down here so I can say thanks in person for all the wonderful recipes, ideas, and support you've provided me through your web page. --- Meg

amazonbug said...

I'm over here in Dallas, TX maybe I can try and make it. Never been to New Orleans myself. Are the details on the Obesity website?

Anonymous said...

to do:
Try grilled oysters!
Take a walking tour of the cemeteries - St. Louis #1 is fantastic!
Take a trolley ride through the garden district it's beautiful!
Great place to walk, walk, walk and people watch, especially on Bourbon Street at night :)
Enjoy the street performers and watch a parade, they come along at least twice a day throwing flowers and beads.
Listen to some jazz at Preservation Hall, but be sure to get there early.
The Riverwalk is really pretty.
Wish I were going!

Lauren B said...

There are so many of us that have never been there, hopefully we can get some folks together to do a tour thingy. I arrive on the 8th and depart on the 12th. I'm soooo excited taking a big girl trip all by myself - even though I won't know a soul at the conference.

Lisa_Gibson said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I could go. Never been to Nawlins either.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Meg, Can't wait to meet you! Thank you for tips... googling the places you shared. Sounds so fun!!! and Mmmmm looking forward to some seafood!!


Amazonbug, Yes... click on the OH link in the entry it'll bring you to the info page


Lauren, You will know me!!! Can't wait to hang out!


Lisa, I drove through the upper part of the state years ago but we had a guinea pig in the back seat (moving cross country) and it was August so not many daytime stops were made.

Jennifer said...

I have only been to NO once for about 4 days and I remember two things I wished I had spent more time on.

1. Listening to street bands on Bourbon street. The chaos and excessiveness of the street didn't impress me, but the music sure did. There were some musicians that were AMAZING and I could have stayed hours listening to them.

2. The cemeteries. So amazing, so interesting. But then again, I have a thing for cemeteries in general and tend to search/hang out in them on a regular basis.

Angel D Lynn said...

See where degas painted and there is also a smithsonian museum that is suppose to be amazing. Also sit in the quarter at cafe de monde and people watch.


Kristi said...

Deffinitly go to Mardu Gras world. It is a warehouse where Blain Kerr (creater of most of the Mardi ras floats) stores them. Its really cool. I've been twice.

meno2 said...

Hi Shelley. If I remember my dates right there is going to be a seafood festival going on at the same time as this event. Wonderful way to get the best New orleens has to offer in one place. What day are you arriving?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hoping the marsh fire smoke dissipates. I heard its bad :(

Thanks for all the tips. I've made note of them in my phone and hope to hit a few :)

Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

My inlaws lived there for years and I always enjoyed visiting. I love the bbq shrimp. I love going to the CafeDuMonde late late at night.(they used to be open 24 hours a day ..hopefully they still are) I love the chicory milky coffee. Last time I was there Bill Clinton stopped by for beignets!
I like walking in the French Quater but not so much on Bourbon Street. I like the other streets better.
I hope you have a great time.
Deb in Seattle.