Eggface Meet & Greet: 5,037 pounds lost with Weight Loss Surgery

TOTAL POUNDS LOST (and still losing): 5,037! On July 30, weight loss surgery post-ops (and a few pre-ops) from all over the Southern California area gathered to celebrate the loss of those pounds and our new healthy lifestyle.

The attendees all had some form of weight loss surgery (gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, etc.) and continue to maintain their weight loss with exercise, eating healthy, and working on the reasons of why they first became obese.

Combined, we have lost thousands of pounds, but we understand that there is no finish-line. This is a lifelong war versus obesity. Having weight loss surgery was just battle one. Everyday we wake up and fight. Together.

Here's the before & after of 158 pounds of those 5,037 pounds lost:

Can't wait for next year!
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P.S. Thinking about weight loss surgery and researching options? Here's a link to an online Q&A session you'll want to check out.