OMG what a day yesterday. I scored 2 tickets to the taping of part of the Glee Season Finale. I was on Twitter on Tuesday and saw a FOX TV tweet that said a limited # of seats were available, blah blah, email your info, go to Los Angeles to see the taping. So I thought what the heck (LA is 2 1/2 hours away from me) and low and behold I got in. I guess you had to have a speedy trigger finger because they posted it at Noon and by 12:05 it was auto-replying people the invite was closed.

So yesterday I head up to LA. Got there at 11, saw the line was already 3 deep, grabbed coffee and stood till 2:30 when they let us in. It ended at around 11 PM. I got to be in the balcony as an audience member during Regionals (the season finale) I suppose there is the potential I could be flashed upon by a camera for a micro-nanosecond. The process from behind the scenes was so cool to watch. We couldn't take pictures, strict rules as to what can be brought on to the set. So no Puck, Eggface, Finn sandwich picture. Bummer, had to leave that for my daydreams. I am SWORN TO SECRECY at all the AWESOME cool things I got to see and HEAR. Let's just say if you were an 80's teen like me you will LOVE it. I got to meet the cast, they did Q&A's (loved them all but one), I got Jane Lynch's (Sue Sylvester's autograph) she's is the nicest lady. So be sure when you watch the finale you look in the middle of the first row of the balcony for yours truly.

Only bad part of the day... TOTAL food consumption yesterday:

2 Cheesesticks
a handful of Nuts
1 Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Soy Latte
an Orange
a really old Lara Bar
3 pieces of SF Gum

and I walked about 5 miles.