Lemon Protein Cake in 5 minutes

The chocolate version of this is soooo awesome I wanted to try a version for the non-chocolate cake lovers. I prefer the chocolate version but this was a nice change after 3 days of Chocolate Cake experiments.

Shelly's 5 Minute Sugar-Free Lemon Cake

1 Egg, beaten
3 Tablespoons Milk (I used Vanilla Soy)
3 Tablespoons Sugar-Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Vanilla)
1 Tablespoons Canola Oil
3 Tablespoons Multigrain Pancake Mix (I use this)
3 Tablespoons Sugar-Free Lemon Pudding Mix, dry
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
Pinch salt
1 Measuring Cup or Microwave Safe Mug

In a measuring cup or microwave safe mug, Mix egg, milk, syrup and oil and combine thoroughly. In a separate bowl, mix pancake mix, pudding mix, protein powder and salt. Tip dry into wet and stir till combined.

Nuke in microwave for 2 minutes. Let it sit for three or so minutes (it pulls away from the sides) before tipping the cake onto a plate. Yields 4-5 slices.

I topped it with Sliced Strawberries and Homemade No Sugar Added Whipped Cream and a Drizzle of Sugar-Free Strawberry Topping. I also sampled some with a drizzle of Simply Fruit Orange Marmalade. Yum!

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