Worst things

I always thought one of the worst things about being fat was that other people knew my "issue" I mean most people have "issues" but they don't surface till you get to know a person... mine were right there on my backside, on my stomach... 100+ pounds of issues. They knew I was out of control and every other good thing in my life was negated because of that.

Other things that sucked:

Having to take medications (high blood pressure, acid reflux, etc.) my 70 year old mother isn't even taking.

Having to drive around for "diva parking" because walking across the parking lot was tiring.

Going shopping with friends and only being able to buy purses and shoes (you now know where my purse and shoe addiction stems from.)

When people you were with asked for a booth and you weren't sure you could fit.

Going to concerts and not being able to fit into the t-shirts.

Being hot all the time.

Narrow aisles in stores (especially antique stores many times my butt almost took out a breakable or two)

Weighing at the Dr. office and seeing them move that little metal weight over one more notch.

Being limited to three clothing stores.

Not getting much play anymore ;)

People analyzing what you order at restaurants. Forget going into an ice cream shop.

Airplane bathrooms. Enough said.

Tray tables on planes and sitting in the middle seat.

People always saying, "You have such a pretty face."

Walking by a group of teenagers and hoping they didn't make comments.

Having pictures taken.

Ordering things like special shirts for an event or bridesmaid dresses.

Those desks with attached chairs at University.

Not fitting on roller coasters and amusement rides.

Getting into contortions to paint my toes.

Worrying when I heard a creak in a chair.

Backseat seat belts.

Old-fashioned movie theater seats and stadium seating.

Packing a small getaway bag is impossible. 2 garments took up the whole bag.

Summer clothing (sleeveless, short, revealing, definitely not fat-friendly)

Never getting a piggy back ride or being swept off my feet.

I'm sure there are many more and it's been therapeutic making this list so as I think of more I'll add to it.

I never want to forget.