Eat me

This is my "once-and-awhile-probably-shouldn't-but-going-to-anyway-treat"

It's this song... it's pure evil and probably sending subliminal messages:
Eat me, yummy yogurt, go now, eat me, you know you want it.

A small lasts me three days.

1 oz.
Calories 25
Calories from fat 0
Carbs 6 g.
Sugars 5 g.
Protein 1 g.

Could be worse.

This post is dedicated to Sarah ;)


Sarah said...

How fitting I totally have Hills outfit on today, the black (like the blue dress) dress, black capris and thick mod headband with geometric colors. If only I could go to PinkBerry and dish about how my BF treats me like shit!!! But Pinkberry and no BF!!!

Annoying Lizard said...

Too bad it's only in CA and NY! No Fair!