Happy Surgiversary to me

I feel like I need to get all philosophical and wax poetically about how my life is so wonderful since RNY and how the moon and stars have all aligned now. Well... it's partly true. A year ago I suffered from sleep apnea, acid reflux, high blood pressure and severe migraines. I was taking a ton of pills I was embarrassed to go pick up at the pharmacy because they were pills a 70 year old woman should be taking not a 35 year old. My sleep apnea episodes in the night besides having the potential to kill me also caused me to wake up several times throughout the night so my days were hideous. I woke up more tired than I went to bed and dragged my ass through the day. If sleep apnea episodes didn't wake me in the night I woke up with stomach acid pouring into my mouth and sometimes out my nose. I nearly choked to death more nights than I care to count. My through the roof high blood pressure made me a ticking time bomb for a heart attack. I had severe migraines on a weekly basis… the kind of migraines where you want to curl up in a ball and die. Within a month of surgery all of these conditions were resolved. No sleep apnea, no acid reflux, stellar BP, I still get migraines but truly nowhere near as many.

So then the bonus: As of today I'm -126 pounds (and still losing a few pounds a week) I lost a flippin super model. I am ecstatic. I'm smaller than I ever remember being in my life. I'm sure I saw these sizes once as a child LOL but I seriously don't remember them. I eat great food and rarely miss something from my old eating life. In fact, I pretty much eat the same (minus bread, pasta, rice, and sweets) I just don't eat for four anymore.

The world is different at this size. I have energy and enjoy exercise. This from a girl who once said, "Why would anyone purposely make themselves sweat?" LOL. I can sit in planes and use the seat belt and tray table, I can slide into booths at restaurants, shop in any store in the mall, fit on roller coasters, I'm not afraid I won't fit or I'll break it. I can cross my legs, see my feet and paint my toes without contorting my body into Bavarian pretzel like formations. Then there's the male attention I have suddenly reawakened. Heck maybe those Bavarian pretzel formations may come in handy after all. When I was a fat girl I never had doors held open for me and now men leap (yeah leap) to get to the door to hold it open. Which really sucks because when I was fat I needed the door held more than now. Errr.

I am so glad I decided to do something about my weight.
I am so thankful I found Dr. A and I was given this life saving tool.

But and I say this because I'm about keeping it real. Weight loss surgery isn't a cure-all for everything in your life. As a pre-op I remember saying many, many times "if only I wasn't fat" to explain away why my life wasn't perfect. Well I'm not fat (well technically unless I was the size of an Olsen twin I am still fat errr crack-smoking BMI chart BS) but not everything is roses and sunshine. I still have a few gray clouds I need to work on and being successful at WLS has added a few, which hopefully a good plastic surgeon can help with. It'll be awhile before feel comfortable with this new me but I'm excited to see what the future holds. At least I feel like I have a future now.