New and improved

You, faithful readers will be happy to know that I purchased a new digital camera yesterday so there will be no more fuzzy food porn only crisp and sharp food porn from now on. HELLO?!? what former fat chick in good conscience could continue to offer fuzzy food porn. NOT ME! My camera was a old clunker. I passed it on to my Mom who will have loads of fun with it as she's technically-challenged LOL and it will be a huge step up from the one she is using.

I had a low key birthday. Went shopping... those birthday gift cards were burning a hole in my pocket. Chatted with friends and family. Worked. Only excitement was when I got stung by a hornet or wasp (one of those bee-like insects) on my stomach while I was BBQing. It made me feel like crud and it's still red, painful and swollen. Any home remedies out there???

Tonight I'll be testing a cooking contest entry. This entry is not so wls friendly due to it's required cooking method (deep fried) so I will be relying on the taste buds of others to gauge it's tastiness. ;) I'll take a nibble or two. I'll post recipes and pics after the contest. UPDATE: (hours later) OK this contest entry is a winner. Not only does it taste awesome but I came up with a killer way to present them to tie into the theme of the event. I'll share more tomorrow. If I don't place with this one the judges are freaks. LOL.

Highlights of the day:

* I had another Onion and Parmesan Omelette (this time for dinner) I'm on an egg kick.
* I realized that despite it being 93 degrees while I was out running errands this afternoon I was comfortable. Thank God for this surgery!
* The mail brought me a few magazine today so I have something to read again.

Listening to: "Don't Stop Believing" Journey