Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eggface Meet & Greet: Weight Loss Surgery Swag Bag Giveaway

The first 50 pre-op and post-op weight loss surgery attendees at the Southern California Meet & Greet this past weekend scored an EPIC Swag Bag filled with oodles of weight loss surgery related products to try. BIG THANK YOU to the companies that provided samples.

I highly recommend you do business with these companies who help support weight loss surgery community gatherings and more importantly make AWESOME weight loss surgery friendly products!

Here's a list (including links) of the products inside...

Sugar Free Torani Syrup - Facebook, Twitter
Premier Protein - Facebook, Twitter
Kay's Naturals - Facebook, Twitter
CLICK Espresso Protein - Facebook, Twitter
Better'N Peanut Butter - Facebook
House of Jerky - Twitter
Bariatric Fusion Vitamins - Facebook, Twitter
Quest Protein Bars - Facebook, Twitter
Gotein Protein - Facebook, Twitter
ISS Oh Yeah - Facebook, Twitter
Tera's Whey Protein - Twitter
Coach's Oats - Facebook, Twitter
Voskos Greek Yogurt - Facebook, Twitter
Jay Robb Protein - Facebook, Twitter
Labrada Nutrition - Facebook
Celebrate Vitamins - Facebook, Twitter
True Lemon Orange Lime - Facebook, Twitter
Chobani Greek Yogurt - Facebook, Twitter
Teeccino Herbal Coffee - Facebook, Twitter
Obesity Action Coalition membership materials including the great magazine you get when you join "Weighty Matters" - Website, Facebook, Twitter
Realize Solution Water Bottle - Facebook
and all this GREAT stuff goes in a southern California sunny yellow reusable shopping bag (with no advertising) so you can use it as a beach bag or bling it out yourself.

Here's one of the attendees: CandiisSweetEnough (aptly named she's so sweet) sharing the contents of her swag bag on her YouTube channel:

Now it wouldn't be fair if only us So Cal pals had all the fun. Sooooo....


The Prize: One of the EPIC Swag Bags (including contents and bag) from the Southern California Meet & Greet! In fact, this bag is even more EPIC because it has everything... occasionally a product ran out as my Mum and I stuffed bags and slight substitutions needed to be made, this bag has all the loot.

How to enter: Just leave a comment (include your name and an email addy) on this blog posting (scroll to # of comments & click on it to leave your deets) by Tuesday, August 9th, midnight (Pacific time) and sometime on Thursday, August 10th. I'll draw a name using a random number generator and announce the winner of this prize here on the blog! I will also email the winner at the addy posted. You'll have one week (7 days) to respond to my email or another winner will be chosen.

One COMMENT ENTRY per person. Remember blog comments are moderated so there may be a slight delay (up to a few hours) in seeing your comment/entry post. Giveaway is open to anyone in the United States (48 contiguous plus Alaska & Hawaii ONLY. Sorry non-US pals.)

***Want extra chances to win?*** Do anything listed below and mention in your comment what you did for up to five more entries per person!

* Follow The World According to Eggface AND at least 3 of the companies above on Facebook

* Follow me @Eggface AND at least 3 of the companies above on Twitter

* Tweet about the giveaway:

Hey Everyone Enter to Win the @Eggface Swag Bag Giveaway! http://bit.ly/pkNaTI

* Blog about this giveaway or post about it on a social networking or support forum you frequent (send me the url so I can enjoy your post!)

* Grab my super snazzy code and place it in your blog

Good Luck!
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Lap Band Gal said...

Please pick me! :) THANKS!

Snrfwezl said...

Hello AWESOME giveaway chance!! OOH PLEASE random number generator!!!! Kristin Patterson - snrfwezl@socal.rr.com

CLamberson said...

Awesome giveaway!!! I'm pretty sure I like 4 of the companies already ;)

truhart said...

Please pick me! Nancy Rivers - nanrivers@gmail.com

Jill said...

Hope you all had a great time at your Meet & Greet!

This looks Awesome!

Lots of Love!


Lawn Mower Queen said...

Oooo that looks amazing!


Lawn Mower Queen said...

I also like more than 3 of those products on Facebook! Woohoo!


Bek said...

Ooooo! This sounds great!

Anonymous said...

It would be so fun to win that bag!


Lawn Mower Queen said...

Annnnnnnnnnnnd I have your badge on my blog!


~Melissa~ said...

Love your blog! Love my new skinny life! Thank you for the insight and support for the weight loss community!

cheryloo said...

Amazing giveaway PLEASE pick me!

allichristine said...

My birthday is on Monday and I would love this! allichristine@gmail.com

Jessica Barnes said...

YAY! Awesome giveaway!! Jessica Barnes - dragonfly2628@comcast.net

Julie said...

Was so jealous - hope you all had a good time! Julie Bradley - julieqbradley@comcast.net

cheryloo said...

Follow you plus CLICK Protein, Chobani, Better N Peanut butter on facebook (cheryl casperson)

KellyB said...

Hope I win!!

Kelly B.

cheryloo said...

Tweeted (cherylcasperson)

allichristine said...

My birthday is on Monday and I would love this surprise! allichristine@gmail.com

Watty said...

in it to win it!


tiffany said...

Looks awesome.....
Tiffany Sutterfield...tiffsutt@gmail.com

Jules said...

great giveaway!


Jules said...

Follow you, Click, Quest and Torani on FB.


Snrfwezl said...

I did the first three activities as well!!

Following three new on Facebook, following three on Twitter and I tweeted about your giveaway and followed YOu

tiffany said...

Looks awesome.....
Tiffany Sutterfield...tiffsutt@gmail.com

Tammy George said...

I would love to win! I need this and I never win anything! :)

Tess said...

Theresa Reynolds

I Tweeted! Following on twitter: YOU!, OAC, Jay Robb, Click, Gotein and Chobani

I Facebooked! Following on Facebook: YOU!, OAC, Jay Robb, Gotein, Click, and Chobani

Hope your cute little random # generator picks me!!!!!

Tarabelle said...

nice swag bag!! maybe this will get me back on track:)


Anonymous said...

Would love to win this!

Michelle Lamb - littlelamb70@verizon.net

NHSkinnygirl said...

I love your contests...sign me up please...Laurie

Anonymous said...

Best giveaway yet! Thanks! Amber - Amberpickle04@yahoo.com

cparrish said...

Awesome give away.....cheryl.parrish2@gmail.com

Kelly said...

Nice swag bag! kaknurse at hotmail dot com

Stacy said...

Would love to win this bag! I am a relatively new follower of your blog and I'm loving it so far. I had surgery at the end of May and continually am finding inspiration and ideas here at your little corner of the web.


Stacy (stacystiles@sbcglobal.net)

m said...


mary hepfner

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to win this!

Robin McCormack


Sarah said...

423proverbs @ gmail . com

Sarah R

awesome giveaway!

kingskid418 said...

Awesome giveaway items!
I like you and 3 others (torani, quest, Jay Robb) on FB
I tweeted about the giveaway
I follow you and 3 others on twitter (torani, click, quest)

Chris Sjolund

Sue said...

Hey there! Would love to win!

I follow you, Quest, Click, and Torani on Facebook.



Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for always being so generous, Shelly. -- Jan (mitylf at yahoo dot com).

Anonymous said...

YeeeHaaaaww!! Love me a great giveaway :-) Pick me! Kristen Jessup faithkp26@yahoo.com

tiffany said...

I liked three of those products on facebook for an extra chance.

Tiffany Sutterfield....tiffsutt@gmail.com

Lana said...


I love your give aways! It's always fun to see who is going to win! Lana

Anonymous said...

Lindabobinda@live.com - if I win I'm going to give it to my friend who didn't make it to the meet n greet. It's an awesome bag of gifts and the companies were so generous. I actually tasted the peanut butter and omg it's yum!! I'm not a peanut butter fan but...yum. And Celebrate was extremely generous with their goodies and the CLICK omg I lucked out and a gal at our table gave me hers...everything in that bag is amazing. Amazing I tell you!! Thanks to Eggys mom for helping...such a sweet mom!
Peace out!

Carrie said...

Would love this give away!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT giveaway!! Hope everyone had a great time at the meet& greet :)


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome. Love trying new products.
Amy Scott

mrsmarlin said...

still did it wrong - third try - feeling lame by now - "liked" all of the companies listed...Ellen

Kat said...

Looks like an awesome prize.
Kat Wheeler

Anonymous said...

Pick me!!!! Brandy Walters hw588@cummins.com

Morgan said...

It's so amazing of you to host these giveaways! Thank you so much.
Morgan m.cazee[at]gmail[dot]com

Jilll Allen said...

I'd love to win this for my hubby... he had GB back in June!

Anonymous said...

Jaana Bauman

Thank u!

LessAJthanb4 said...

Me me me!!
AJ Hays

Amy said...

Ooh this would be so great!

Amy Lipton

luv_dogZ said...

It aint fair. Why can't you include US territories like Puerto Rico sometime. :(

Jen E said...

Amazing! I hope it's me!! I already follow you on Twitter but today I "liked" you and 3 others on FB.


Laura Meaux said...

Woo hoo! What a great giveaway....I must say I am jealous of you south Cal peeps for having such a fun event! doctor2pets@yahoo.com

JenB said...

Hi Shelly,

Love you and love your web site! I also "liked" you on FB as well as Click, Chobani, Kay's Naturals.

Thank you!
Jen Barnard

Laura Meaux said...

Oooh....shoot. And I follow you + Sugar Free Torani + Click + Obesity Action Coalition + Chobani on Facezook! doctor2pets@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

And the winner is....



Sheri said...

What a great swag bag! I would love to try these products!
Sheri at potterygirl77@gmail.com

dede said...


CiNdYe said...

Wow! Awesome opportunity for those of us who were not close enough to attend the event, thank you!

Ok, I already "Like" you on Facebook, and Quest Protein Bars. So now I also "Like" Oh Yeah!, Premier Protein, True Lemon Orange Lime, CLICK Espresso Protein, & Coach's Oats.

Don't do Twitter or have a blog.

Please email cindyeinwa at gmail dot com when I win!! THANKS! :D

Onyah said...

Hooray! Thanks!

ramona jobe said...

Wow looks like ya'll had a great time. Pick me I need all the help I can get living in south louisiana with all the food festivals, lol.

Anonymous said...

I am due to have sleeve surgery in Oct. Following you everyday since I found your blog. We LOVE your recipes! Natalie Sullivan Wildoatsembroidery@fewpb.net

Jenny said...

This would be a perfect birthday surprise for me...hint hint...LOL
Jenny Valdes

amanda said...

Thanks for another give away and all you do. I liked 3 of the companies and liked your page along time ago... cajunbandmom@gmail.com

D2 said...

That all sounds Super AWESOME!!! Dawn LaBay dawn.labay@gmail.com

Kim Frick said...

I would love to to win. Need to get back on track.

Kim Frick

Drive it like you STOLE it!! said...

Tara sotelo

Anonymous said...

I hope you pick mine this time because I love you and your giveaways. I am hoping to be able to make your next get together next year. I have wanted to meet you in person for five years now!!! becky.joe1@cox.net

Melissa said...

I so really want to win this!! I follow you on facebook as well as toranie sf syrups, quest protein bars, teccino coffee and I am sure many others on FB.
Thanks again for all that you do!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Rivera

Jenna said...

Thanks for this awesome contest! I followed you and on Twitter (@Creuxx) along with torani, click and chobani. I also tweeted about it. I liked you on facebook (Jenna Ravnestad) as well as chobani, baritric fusion and teecinno coffee. I made a blog post and posted it on facebook : http://www.shoveitinyourface.com/2011/08/amazing-wls-giveaway.html I added your little blog picture to the post..i hope that counts. Don't know how to put it on my blog! I hope this covers everything!!

Jenna Ravnestad creuxx@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

I never win anything! ;)

I also already like 3+ of the companies on FB.

-Jackie in CT

Cassie said...

me me me me me!



Sandra said...

I want to win!!!!!!

Cassie said...

me me me me me!



Harley said...

Wish we could have been there, Shelly! You're such an inspiration to us!



Roniquilts2 said...

Ronda Hall JIMRONDAHALL@msn.com
Pick my # please!!!! hehehehehe
Love your blog!

Samantha said...

Amazing giveaway. I'd love to win!

Angelyco said...

It's the mother load! WANT!


Toni said...

Thanks for the opportunity! I already like you, of course ;), and like Click (again, of course) as well as Torani and OAC.
What a fun thing that would be to win. Good luck everyone!
Toni Lee

Trudy said...

Oh my gosh! I am about to be on the learning curve!!! I have to learn how to follow your blog and I've already done some things for extra chances - even before I knew they got me extra chances! Love to read you Shelley! I am 5 years out from open RNY - I need to get back on track. So... pick me! Trudylea@yahoo.com!

Stephanie said...

Please me please!
Stephanie A.

Anonymous said...

So excited about the possibility of getting this great stuff.

I also have 'liked'. These pages on fb:
Torani Syrup
Better'N Peanut Butter

Hope to get that email!
Brooke Chris

bec said...

count me entered, please!

Susan said...

Hi!! :)
Susan Thompson

I also follow you and torani, click, quest, and teechenio on facebook!

I also tweeted about the giveaway!

Thanks for the extra chances!

Melisa Jo said...

What a great opportunity to try some different products. Thanks for the opporunity.

Melisa Drugge

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely LOVE to win this!!!


Dorothy said...

Looks like a great bag full of treasures!

Mo from NO said...

I love love love your blog and recipes!!!! THanks for all you do for the WLS Community!!

dhaynes said...

This would be so great! Please pick me! Wish I lived closer, but hoping to have something like this in Northern CA soon!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!


Anonymous said...

Great give away!!!!
Christina Dieters

Heather said...

Since my birthday is on the 8th, I think this would make a great present! lol.


Anonymous said...

What could be beter then swag from you?


alirae21 said...

Awesome Goody Bag! I have used several of the products but some are new so thanks for the chance to try them. :o)

I also posted this to my twitter and am following you, Torani, Chobani, and Click Espresso Protein on twitter.

Now it's all up to the random number generator...

Anonymous said...

this is cool skinnyoma jennieschlaack@comcast.com

Lisa_Gibson said...

Ooo, hope I get picked. Awesomesauce giveaway!
Lisa Gibson
I follow you on FB and Quest, Torani, and the Obesity Coalition. Yay!

The Lingo Family said...

Hope to win this for sure!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win :)

The Lingo Family said...

I follow eggface and torani and bettern'pb and celebrate vitamins on fb. :)

nctrembley0613@email.campbell.edu said...

here is my entry, would loved to have attended, but here i sit in NC, the other side of the country...lol. hope the randomizer calls my number. this stuff looks great. making your denver bites tonight, yummy!!!!!


DiZneDiVa said...

Pretty Please... I follow you and most of these companies on facebook. and I have your link on my blog. *Maria Yocom* DiZneDiVa@yahoo.com

Bren:|K|: said...

Hey, I'd love to win. I've already "liked" MANY of the companies on Facebook, but added Kay's Naturals, Jay Robb, and ISS Oh Yeah! Please let the random number generator pick me. And I <3 your blog by the way!!!



The Lingo Family said...

I have your button on my blog, see... http://ellatheresa.blogspot.com/

Mandy said...

I would LOVE to win this! Especially since the 10th is my birthday!!

MQuili said...

I have been reading your website for a couple of years and love it!

Just Laurie said...

Wish I lived closer to attend. Thanks again for all you do for so many. Hope my name gets lucky and gets picked! lroutolo@gmail.com

Christina said...

Awesome Give away. Please pick me tuwhada@gmail.com

Gail said...


sasicas said...

Very cool giveaway! Thanks!

JOMAMA said...

I was so sad I couldn't attend. Please pick me!!

Milton said...

I excitedly enter this contest in the hopes of getting more goodies. The winner will not be disappointed.

Heather said...

Hopefully you pick me! That bag is filled with stuff I'd love to try! Heather Hildebrand (wcuheather@comcast.net)

Anonymous said...

yeah! i hope i win this time! i enter almost every giveaway and never win! :-( lol love ur blog, ur the best! tammy

p.s. also FB'd it!

DiZneDiVa said...

Pretty Please... I follow you and several of these companies on facebook and twitter and I have your link on my blog. And I tweeted about the giveaway. *Maria Yocom* DiZneDiVa@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Would love to win...PICK ME!


Dawn said...

Swag Bag Fun! Count me in :D



Jennifer said...

Awesome! Crossing my fingers and toes!

darlene said...

I love this blog! Thanks for being there.

Judith said...

Would love to have this! Thanks for everything you do! Judie (aylajane @ gmail . com)

Chris said...

Your giveaways and your blog Rock! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter.

Shauna Burke-Smith said...

Wonderful!! My surgery date is August 9th... what a great prize this would be! Shauna - TheSmithOhana@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Sure would like some free goodies to try!

Kem Blalock

Nkara said...

I think that's so wonderful you have these opportunities.. I would love to have things like that around me in little old Rhode Island.


Thanks for your blog... I love it

Stephanie said...

Awesome giveaway! Thank you sooooo much! Stephanie Crowder - stephcrowd@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

How fun and sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time. Sorry, I missed it.
Sara J.

Katherine_G said...

I would love to win this!!!! I adore your blogs...thank you <3 katherine


Spirit said...

My turn!!!! I wanna Loot Bag!!!! And several of the companies are already are liked by me!!

Spirit said...

ME!!! ME!!! ME!!!! cfelsspirit@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! Love it! ;-) Kiley


T2Nashville said...

What a great gift! Thanks for offering it!

t2nashville (at) charter (dot) net

T2Nashville said...

I follow you, Click, Celebrate, and Torani on Facebook.

t2nashville (at) charter (dot) net

MaryAnn said...

Oooh oooh oooh!!!!! Pick me! AND I follow YOU, Click, Obesity Action Coalition, and Chobani on FaceBook, so double my chances! ;-)

T2Nashville said...

I posted about your giveaway on the BTV forum - and I told all those SoCal folks who were at the Meet and Greet that they couldn't enter, because they already had one! :)

t2nashville (at) charter (dot) net


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you all had a great time!

Jen B.

Mary said...

The 9th is my birthday! I am just finishing up the requirements for the sleeve. I added your button on my blog http://www.untilmycuprunnethover.blogspot.com Thanks, Mary

Stacemonster said...

Thanks Shelly! The bag looks great!

KC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Burnett said...

Love your blog and all the many recipes. They have helped me in my bariatric journey more than you will ever know. Just takin' a shot at the swag bag.

Burnett Lacy

Dennis G said...

Tweeted, Facebooked and commented! Hope I win!!

Kiera said...

Yay, random numbers!!

Kiera Thomas

posted a link to you on my blog, too =)

Christy said...

Oh- pick me! Pick me! It's my birthday week! ;)

Allison said...

That is a lot of neat stuff in that happy yellow bag!!

Unknown said...

awesome blog love it and recommend it often! Thank you. Melanie Gorden

Unknown said...

awesome blog lady. I recommend it often. Thanks!
-Melanie Gorden

oldbooknewlook said...

Hi! To earn 3 extra chances, I followed you and 3 of those companies on both Facebook and Twitter and I tweeted about the contest. My Twitter is oldbooknewlook and you can find my Facebook through my email address: oldbooknewlook@gmail.com Thanks! ~Amy Dresser

Anonymous said...

What an awesome event you produced Shelly ~ wish I could have been there!

Hillary said...

Love that peanut butter. What an awesome giveaway - thank you!

Hillary Heiselt - hillarygvincent@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this! Thanks for having giveaways!!


Jody said...

Would love to win the swag!

Anonymous said...

What a great give away! Wish I was in CA to have made it to the meet and greet!

Kristen @kmwood09081@verizon.net

jillface87 said...

Best giveaway ever! I hope I win I hope I win! Thanks Eggface!!

Anonymous said...

Please please pick me! California is just too far away for me to have attended in person!!


Anonymous said...

So awesome!! Would love to try the products.....Kate

shadesofgrey70 said...

Feelin like a winner! At least I think so!
Christi Bennett

Anonymous said...

May the randon generator smile upon me!


Alison said...

Great prizes! Thank you for all that you do for the WLS community.

Alison Ghany - aghany@cfl.rr.com

Alison said...

Great prizes, I love Torani! Thank you for all that you do for the WLS community.

Alison Ghany - aghany@cfl.rr.com

Anonymous said...

Me me me-- Im having sleeve surgery soom!!!!

Myra Booth

katmagmom said...

Love, love, love your blog!!!! Awesome giveaway! Hope you all had a wonderful time!!!

Anonymous said...

I liked Sugar Free Torani Syrup, Quest Protein bars, Chobani Greek Yogurt, and of course YOU!!!!



Anonymous said...

Samantha Lumpkins

Brenda said...

I wish I lived in Southern California--would have loved one of those great gift bags! But I consider this blog a great gift also. Thanks so much

Lila said...

Hope I win!

Allyson said...

I am gunning for this giveaway!!
- Follow you and House of Jerky, SF Torani Syrups, Chobani Greek Yogurt and Quest Protein bars on Twitter!
- "Like" Quest Protein Bars, BetterNPeanutButter, SF Torani Syrups, Click Espresso Protein on Facebook!
- Just tweeted about the giveaway!
- Posted an update on Facebook (I think I tagged you in the post, but just in case... http://www.facebook.com/#!/allyson.bliss)

See, GUNNING for this one! LOL ;)
C'mon number generator!!

Allyson Bliss

Anonymous said...

I've become a big fan of your website, it's great to find such a wonderful community out there!! Brenda Scammon BrendaScammon@gmail.com

kimmie said...

I'm 12 weeks post-op and still trying to be adventurous with products. Please pick me. I love your site.

Anonymous said...

Would love to try the sample. Keep on inspiring Shelly

Kellen Robison

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance!



Deanna said...

I am so sad that I wasn't able to RSVP :(

Next year for sure! Sad I have to wait till next year! :(

Eggy, it looks like you rocked the GTG, Great job! You rock as usual!

I have tweeted and looked at all the companies! I have liked most of them over the past already!:)

Deanna Roumimper

Deb said...

Count me in, please.


Ziemama said...

Sure wish I could have been at your Meet and Greet! Maybe I will have to organize something like that some day here in OH. My rny is scheduled for 8/17 So ready to start this journey and LOVE your site! Your recipes are wonderful even pre-op!

Anonymous said...

I wanna win I wanna win:)


Ziemama said...

Wish I could have been there! Maybe someday I can organize a meet and greet here in OH. My RNY is scheduled for 8/17/11. can't wait to start this journey! Already Love your site. The recipes are great even for pre-ops and even my DH(Who is fit as a mailman who walks many miles a day) loves the great food!

IfOnlySheWereThinner said...

I was so bummed that I had to cancel at the last minute. The Hubs and I drove through Temecula at midnight on Saturday and I waved from the freeway. LOL.

I follow you on Facebood and Twitter. I also have your super cool code on my blog and I follow Click Espresso and Quest Protein on Facebook and Twitter. I follow Chobani on Twitter. I also Tweeted about the contest.

I am in Orlando right now on business with a limited connection on my "smart" phone or else I would follow more. I will check them all out when I get back this weekend.

Thanks for all you do!!!

ifonlyshewerethinner@gmail.com OR

Yvette said...

I live 3000 miles away and would love one of those grab bags!!

Yvette Goins

ladywolfsong said...

would so love this! -Heather Moye, ladywolf9601@gmail.com

jennifer said...

Jennifer Segraves

Donna said...

What an awesome giveaway! Donna Copeland donna_m_copeland@yahoo.com

Jaded said...

looks like a very cool contest....

Cherryl said...

I would love the chance to win. Please pick me!!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome give away!! Thanks for all you do! Katcooperrn@yahoo.com

Janeene said...

Janeene Gregory


Never miss a give away.

Juliet said...

i am starting over on my diet so this would be a great start thanks i am following you and kays naturals and quest protein and true lemon thanks

juliet murray

Shuniro said...

I would love to win this giveaway! I have "liked" all of the companies and also am now following them. Your site is the greatest, chock full of information!

Roshuni Samuel - roshuni@verizon.net
RNY 13 April 2011

cb said...

Weight loss surgery contest! Great idea! cfb58@verizon.net

Nica said...

Thank you for sharing your fun with those of us who live on the other side of the country. Enjoyed hearing about your event. - Nica

Nica said...

Thank you for sharing your fun with those of us who live on the other side of the country. Enjoyed hearing about your event. Oops almost forgot my email address: fmradiogirl@gmail.com
- Nica

MacMadame said...

I need an epic swag bag for my birthday.

Angela said...

Please pick me!!! I would love to win these wonderful items..

Keri said...

So excited, hope I win ;)
Keri Dunham

KTwilldoit said...

Thanks, Shelley for all the great stuff you do for us.

My Journey said...

Wish I lived closer so I could have attended. Katgin22@aol.com

Amy Lou said...

It's Amy Lou! Please pick me! Reason #1: I posted an EggFace link on my personal OH Blog! :)

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