Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back...

Back from Las Vegas. I attended the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America's (WLSFA) Mother of All Meet & Greets. Over 300 weight loss surgery patients, advocates, pals, gathered together. Made some new friends & caught up with old ones. Fun and informative weekend... well with the exception the casino smoke that gave me a migraine and caused me to miss the big dance the last night :( I had a killer dress too. Ah well. Next time. Here are three of my favorite pics. I'll post some more as I get them I never take pictures at these things and need to go borrow them from my pals...

So the smoke... OMG It was hideous. I didn't notice it in some of the new hotels on the strip with higher ceilings but this hotel was old and I'm sure the ventilation system wasn't the best. FYI: I hear they are changing hotel next year thank goodness. Most of Friday was spent sightseeing on the Strip. Must see: the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, it's absolutely beautiful, loved all the great window shopping (too rich for my pocketbook but fun to look) but the minute I spent anytime in our hotel I felt ill... burning eyes, burning chest, nauseous. When I woke up Saturday AM I had a migraine from hell, throughout the day I took 6 Tylenol and 1/2 a Vicodin and nothing touched it. I made it through the day's events but I passed on Saturday's evening festivities and crashed in my room (sorry I didn't get to say goodbye.) Thank goodness I always make sure my purse or carry-on bag has a stash of protein to tide me over till I can eat. It came in handy that night.

Snack-sized Ziploc with Almonds & Peanuts, sometimes I bring Kay's Natural Cereal Mini Bags (sadly I was all out), a few SF Hard Candies, Just the Cheese Crunchy Cheese - Grilled Cheese flavor, a couple of protein bars - Oh Yeah Peanut Butter & Caramel Bar and a Supreme Caramel Nut Chocolate Bar, my CLICK Blender Bottle Shaker with 2 Packets of Vanilla Latte CLICK Espresso Protein and my current addiction: Altoids Smalls Sugar Free Cinnamon Mints.

I am spending today breathing in as much fresh air as possible to counteract the nastiness that filled my body this weekend. I just made a yummy, protein packed bento box lunch. I'll snap a pic of it in a bit and post it. It's a gorgeous day. Hope you are having a nice one.

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P.S. If you are wondering what the rest of the contents of the bag are. Check out my post over at What's in your bag?


Di said...

Sounds like a GREAT time...minus the migraine. Sorry you had to miss out on the dance and I am really sorry everyone missed out on your "killer dress." :-)

marisa said...

I am addicted to those Altoids. Such a nice sweet treat!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your headache. I get them too from being around smokers.I wish everyone would STOP smoking including my husband!!
Glad you are back safe & sound!!

Anonymous said...

So glad I finally got to meet you! I know what you mean about the smoke in the Casino, it bothered me even though I'm around it all the time. Hope you're feeling better now that your back home in fresh air and sunshine :)
(a.k.a. the Photo Bomber) LOL

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you had a headache and missed the last night events. I used to have horrible migraines for 20 yrs. The only thing that would take them away was Excedrin. Advil would help but, not always take it away and Tylenol never even phased them.
If you are able to take Excedrin give it a try and see if it works better next time.
Hope this helps.

Gastric Kitty said...

It suck that you had headaches most of the time there. Maybe it will be a better hotel next time. :) Have a great day!