Pictures from my garden


His Woman said...

Sure... rub it in!!

Kindest regards, Wendy from CHILLY/COLD Boston, MA!!

Anonymous said...

How Beautiful! Now that's a GARDEN! Vibrant colors! I love the cactus with the little headband of flowers! AWESOME Pics!! Thanks for sharing!

SummerTulip said...

THANK YOU for these pictures! It's 30 something here today in Maine and I am desperately waiting for spring!!! :) I think your pictures will get me through another weak of this rotten weather! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Michelle,
First taunt us with those perky boobs, then while we are reeling and freezing here in Michigan, with those gorgeous bloomin flowers!!!!
Seriously, they are so pretty.
(The flowers, sheesh)
Tara from MI