Now with more perk...

Hey everyone,

I'm checking in from South of the Border. I had my breast lift revision yesterday morning. I was told back in October I was going to need two surgeries on my breasts but I was hoping my Dr. was wrong.. he wasn't (he's never wrong) I needed a little more skin removed, redraping and tightening. Our post-op boobs (damaged skin, lots of stretch marks, etc.) sometimes takes a little more effort then those girls that just get implants placed in nice elastic-y skin.

So far so good... a blood spot appeared last night that seems dry this morning and the happy pills seem to be keeping pain to a minimum.

Thank you so much for the surgery page comments over at OH, emails and PM's but especially for keeping me company the night before surgery. I was "alone" here but I NEVER FELT ALONE thanks to my OH pals. Also big thank you to my surgery angel and pal Sarah and my Hoke.

My friend William arrived last night so we hung out (he went on a Starbuck's run for me I was happy to find Starbucks down here has soy milk and SF syrup) and had a nice dinner... his surgery is this morning and he'll be back tomorrow. He's a wls post-op too. If you can say a little prayer for him I'd appreciate it.

Hope everyone has a great day... the news is showing the scary storms in the midwest and east. I hope all are safe.

Ohhhh yeahhhhhh that happy pill is kicking in so I'll check in again soon...



Shrinky Inky said...

So glad to hear you are doing well Michelle!! And that you got Starbucks!! William is a gem and I pray for a great surgery for him too!

BTC said...

I'm so glad to hear all went well. Gotta love those happy pills.


Amy said...

So glad everything is going well. Keep us updated as you are able. I'll be praying for both you and William.

Lindsey said...

Glad things went so well! I am almost 4 months post-wls and have been checking out your page for a while, and i wanted to give you a million thank-yous for the amazing recipe ideas! I live near Mexico and know I may be headed that way when I need some "lifting..." haha. Thanks again, you are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Yay Michelle! I am so happy that you are doing well!! I was baking cookies (not for myself) and thinking of you and hoping that all was going good! Hope your friend is doing ok to :) I will send you an email when you return home.

Take care,

Linda Matson said...

Michelle, I had no idea you were back in Mexico for surgery! So glad to hear it's going well. I've been in a stall now for about a month - sticking at 65 pounds. Waiting for more to come off. Your suggestion of adding back a protein shake is something I'm going to try. I used AchieveOne, but need something more.

Do you have any idea who sells sugar free marshmallows?? I need them for an Easter Ambrosia! I called my local supermarket and they said "NO!"

<3 Linda

Michelle said...

Thank you guys!!! I'm purple and swollen but the happy pills are doing their thing.


P.S. Linda re: SF Marshmallows... CVS sells Sugar Free Marshmallow Peeps 3 chicks to a pack... maybe snip some of those up. :)

Sara said...

Hey Michelle!

So glad that everything went smoothly and you're okay. Can't wait to see you back on OH and posting more food porn. I love your site and you are such a wonderful person!!!