Happy Easter to all my peeps!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Shelly!

I have been thinking about you and praying for you. I'm glad this round of "Barbiness" has been much easier than the last.

I wanted to let you know, this morning for Easter brunch we enjoyed your Spinach Feta Bites! Everyone loved them and they want me to try some of your other bites at the next family gathering. They all wish you well and thank you.

Have a wonderful Easter, thank you for sharing all of you with all of us. Take good care of yourself, lots of us OHers miss you when you're not around, we love and miss your laughter and style when you're gone too long (not to mention your recipes!) :D

Love and Peace on this Easter day,
Maggie (Blackberry Margarita on OH) :)

Amie said...

Thank you, Shelly. Happy Easter to you, too. Amie

BTC said...

Michelle - Happy Easter to you! Love the peeps! Glad to hear all went well with ps and you're back home, albeit purple and swollen. I made some of your bites for our church Easter Brunch and by the time I got to the platter there were only two left, so I scarfed them up. They were a hit! Can't wait to try more recipes as I'm able to eat more.
Take care and heal quickly.