Franken Barbie

I'm off to get carved up like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. While I'm enjoying my morphine drip feel free to browse the Eggface archives and quick links on the left side of the page.

Have a nice weekend everyone. I'll post all the gory details as soon as I am able.

If you are believer please say a little prayer (or swing a chicken whatever your thing is.) Thanks.



Scott O'Neal said...

Good evening Dr. Frankenbarbie...I've said a prayer, swung the chicken, and wished upon a falling star! Here's to a safe journey, a speedy recovery, and no rust bolts in your neck! And to quote a line form Young Frankenstien...Yes Dr., I did get a good brain, it came form Abby Normal! Here's to feeling good!

Through Thick and Thin said...

good luck!

Emily said...

Good luck, Michelle! I hope everything goes well for you.

chakragirl06 said...

Girlfriend, I'm a believer and you are so in my prayers!! I'll even swing some chickens if you really want me to! LOL! Dance naked??? Not yet......maybe once I hit goal and get to do the Franken Barbie dance........until then you'll just have to settle on prayers & chickens.

I making your Mexican lasagna tonight! I can hardly wait! You are probably done with surgery already...maybe not, but I'm so,so, thinking about you today!!!

Rest and enjoy the morphine, knowing you are loved and will be missed, till you return!! Please hurry & I'll drink some Starbucks in your honor!!

~Big Hugs & Love, Steffanie

AnnoyingLizard said...

Good Luck!

Sharonmh (OH) said...

I hope & pray your surgery is a success and you are on your way to being healthier and happier.


Anonymous said...

Saying one for you now. Hope your up and posting soon. I wanna hear all about it. Im also extremely nosey about how the whole financing thing works. If your independently wealthy, then never mind. I wont be ready for plastics for about a year or so but I think about it often and am curious how smoothly it all goes. I think you mentioned your going SOTB, so your experience will probably be different then mine. I plan on doing it in states due to where I live.

Marme Noir on OH

Anonymous said...

OK, its Monday!!! Hoping you are ok? Please let us know when you feel up to it. Been praying for frankenbarbie.

Elizabeth said...

Michelle, long time lurker, first time poster -- wondering are you doing okay with these fires in San Diego? Thinking of you.

Michelle said...

Thanks soooo much everyone! Seriously I felt good about my decision going into this but wow do I feel like a train wreck and I have of course had those what the hell did I do to myself moments that good wishes like these helped me get through.

Thank you. It is appreciated.