Healthy Travel Tips: Keeping Your Health On Track While Traveling

I was honored to be asked to facilitate a couple of Lunch with the Experts table talks at the Your Weight Matters National Convention this year. One of my topics was "On the Road Again - Keeping Your Health On Track While Traveling" I thought I would share the slides from my presentation. Just click on the arrow to move the 14 slides along.

You don't get the benefit of the great chat and shares that happened at the table but I hope my tips, suggestions and resources in the above slides and throughout the blog help those of you reading along stay healthy when traveling for pleasure or work. The slides were meant to encourage conversation at the table so feel free to share any of your staying healthy while traveling tips in the comment section below.

One of the slides above shares some of my go-to snacks and emergency meals I toss in my bag when I'm on the road. They keep me from making poor choices and require no refrigeration. They are great to carry-on the plane saving you from paying $7 for an in flight snack box. Here's a closer look and some online links for the items that may be harder to find. 

Travel snacks that require no refrigeration.

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Pictured: water (ask for it on the plane, buy one beyond security checkpoint or carry an empty one with you and refill free at one of the restaurants, Starbucks beyond security.), shaker bottles, Cruncha-mame, Crunchy Beans, RTDs ready-to-drink protein shakes like Premier Protein Note: RTDs are above the carryon ounce rule if flying (but they are great for roadtrips), Crab, Salmon or Tuna pouches and cups, Skinny Pop popcorn, Celebrate Vitamins ENS Vitamin drink sticks, Crystal Light drink sticks, Kay's Cookie Bites, Crunchy Cheese, Chike High Protein Iced Coffee Travel Packets, Celebrate Vitamins ENS Packets, Peanuts, Protein Bars: Celebrate 2 in 1 Bars, Power Crunch Protein Wafers, Quest Bars or cookies made from them, Premier Protein Bars, Blue Diamond Almond Packets, Krave Jerky, Apple with Almond Butter or Peanut Butter packets.

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